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War & Peace: The One Man Show

solo performance · griffith park productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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BRUNO OLIVER June 12, 2015
It's sweet and heartfelt and smart and sassy. Brad approaches the insane enterprise with a really witty hook and his genuine love of the book is truly infectious! I kinda really DO want to finally read the book now. ... full review
CHRISTOPHER PIEHLER certified reviewer June 26, 2015
This show made an enormous and intimidating Russian novel seem like a romp--quite an impressive feat!... full review
So much PASSION! Griffith's interpretation of War & Peace IN ONE HOUR was fresh, fun & inspired. Can't wait to see where he takes it from here!... full review
DAVID COBB certified reviewer June 21, 2015
This audacious and enjoyable hour is akin to a dinner party where your brilliant dramaturge friend does an enthusiastic, spur-of-the-moment, speed-improv conversation about his favorite book. Brad is naturally engaging, and as if this whole endeavor wasn’t ridiculous enough already, he adds a bit of simple interactivity with the audience that helps keep him on his toes. Ultimately it’s not so much a retelling of the fifteen chapters, 600+ characters, and seven-year plot of the book, so much as a heartfelt, literary-nerd love letter to its sprawling emotion and enduring resonance. Unexpectedly funny and inspiring — and it actually made me want to (finally) read the book.... full review
MATT ROSE June 22, 2015
Funny, smart, and engaging are just a few of many words I could use to describe this wonderful show; Brad is endearing and energetic in his one man telling of War & Peace. If you know nothing of the story, now is your chance to hear the best possible breakdown of the book - and you'll walk away wanting to read it. Brad takes you through the multiple stories and characters in such an illuminating and fun way, painting quite a mental picture of these characters. You'll laugh, guffaw, and even tear up a little - do yourself a favor and see this show. ... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 22, 2015
tagged as: #ChanceItLA
#ChanceItLA - This production is billed as a workshop, and it is indeed just that. However, Brad Griffith's energy and obvious love of this book is contagious. Over the course of an hour, with the help of a grid of note cards, Griffith gives the audience a cliff notes summation of all 1200+ pages of War & Peace. Complete with witty commentary and a rather versatile scarf that stands in for different costume pieces. The audience gets to join in by picking the cards and hissing whenever the villain is mentioned. This is not a show for everyone, but if your interest is piqued, check it out. I walked away wanting to read the book, so that says something.... full review
RAY KAMPF certified reviewer June 22, 2015
You don't often get to see someone really indulge in their passion, and when you do, it's mesmerizing and magical. Brad does just that. For 60 minutes in a frenzied race against the clock, Brad single handedly tackles explaining the plot points and characters and the opulence of Czarist Russia, and you can tell it is his passion. I'm not a reader, but I love a good story - and after Brad captivating show, I kind of want to tackle the 1000+ pages of Tolstoy. That what Brad does though - he encourages us to read the book.. to really develop our own passion for Andre and Natasha and poor Helena and the evil Anatole (hissssssss) GO see it. You will be better for it. ... full review
WILLARD MANUS certified reviewer June 28, 2015
Can a single actor in 60 minutes tell the whole story of War and Peace? Truthfully no -- the book is after all over a thousand pages long. But Brad Griffith does a valiant job of delivering the key elements of the Tolstoyan epic. Working off pinned note cards, Griffith describes the main characters and the central story lines in speed reader fashion. Despite having to race against time, Griffith turns in a tour de force performance that Tolstoy himself might have enjoyed. Willard Manus Total Theater... full review

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