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DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Classic sitcom conventions collide with a modern understanding of love and sex in this fun mashup, presented as a "lost" 1950s TV pilot. Gay Beau (Matt Austin) is happily married to straight Dottie (Fiona Gubelmann), but an anniversary gift mishap with a nosy neighbor threatens to out Beau and ruin the Jones' standing in the community. Austin and Gubelmann embody their roles with the right balance of parody and depth. We believe them as sitcom characters and as the real life human beings they represent. The chemistry between the two is strong - aided by the help of a few visual gags that are as cute as they are amusing. Delightfully, the gay stereotypes are as outdated as the sitcoms they are mimicking. Normally these tropes are of... full review
S. CLAUS certified reviewer June 08, 2015
This was a fun, campy, brisk and surprisingly bawdy (in a good way) TV parody romp by Kara Lee Burk that had the audience first tittering with amusement then belly-laughing at the preview. Fiona Gubelmann is delightful as a beautiful, blonde "Diane Wiest"-type married to light-in-his-loafers (but not to the point of irritating stereo-type) Beau, played with enthusiasm by handsome Matt Austin. But it's hoarse-voiced-but-pitch-perfect Margie (Jackie Tohn) and the Ralph Kramden-esque Dick ("of the week," the role is apparently played by a new actor each show, this time it was funny bear Kiff VandenHeuvel) that steal the show. Also on hand is a fun, droll announcer and a game cast of extras who, under clear and efficient direction by Carla Cac... full review
MIKE TARGUS certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Great script. Awesome revolving cast. Ready for prime-time? I think so!... full review
MARY ST JOHN certified reviewer June 14, 2015
My Gay Husband is refreshing and funny with lots of heart at its core. ... full review
SAVANNAH DOOLEY certified reviewer June 21, 2015
tagged as: funny · Feminist · adorable
This show really made me want to be in a marriage of convenience with a super sweet, constantly-baking husband. Or at least that this was a real tv show. The cast and writing really nail that innocent 1950s TV vibe (complete with a great reference to Bewitched's constantly-switching Darrens), but slightly twisted to a modern, gay-friendly, feminist, kinky sensibility...... full review
JASON BRADSHAW certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Show was Amazing!!!! Funny, silly, relatable! We went to see our friend Matt, "Beau" in the show, and we really enjoyed it. The Cast was so good! A definite must see!! ... full review
JOEL VEENSTRA certified reviewer June 25, 2015
tagged as: funny · clever · smart
Such a fun show! So clever and funny. Go see it!... full review
PAUL KIST certified reviewer June 26, 2015
"My Gay Husband" is a conversation starter on so many different levels. Funny, sentimental, engaging, with just the right amount of oo-la-la and oh-no-she-didn't. Kara Lee and her band of performers take us all back to a golden age of television, when everyone smoked on TV, when the guys went bowling and the ladies had tupperware parties. We witness the resurrection of a pilot that tells a story, way ahead of its time. It's one of those shows you can watch a few times, because you may wonder "did he just say what I think he just said?" Hands down, a really funny show. Current and nostalgic at the same time. Major props to the team. I can't wait to see the second episode!... full review
ADAM SCOTT WEISSMAN certified reviewer June 30, 2015
Great concept with fantastic execution. The actors and writing are both hilarious, but what is most impressive about this show is the degree to which they make use of the staged environment to complement the sitcoms concept - from a different actor in the role of "Dick" each show, who must read his lines off cue cards to a host actually holding up an applause sign, and my favorite of all: the bedroom montage with upright cardboard beds. Bravo! Great fun, probably my favorite show I saw the the 2015 Fringe.... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 09, 2015
tagged as: fun · smart writing · talented actors · comedy
i love a lot about this show, but I'm not gonna lie... I want to see the choreographed opening theme song number!!! you have such a big cast, and it's ripe with opportunities. two, I want you to turn up the gay on the set a notch! Love the beds, love the oven mitt, but I want more GAY! say even a tablecloth, perhaps? Some of the acting was top notch, I'm a total fan of the writing (the apron switch n' stuff... really smart), and I love the idea of a new dick for each show... but... Iet's not make dick ever struggle with the cue cards. Like a ball girl, get up there so he's got it. Plus, it's ripe with character opportunities, so have fun. All in all, a great job. with a little more color and flair... you're there.... full review