Adam Scott Weissman

Raised in Dayton, OH on a steady diet of Skyline Chili, gangster movies, and Faulkner novels, I moved to LA in 2006 to attend USC, where I majored in Writing for Screen & Television. Since graduating, I have worked on TV shows such as CSI:NY, Sons of Anarchy, Glee, and The Night Shift. I co-wrote episode 815 of CSI:NY, “Kill Screen”, and also penned the independent feature film “A Deadly Obsession”.

I’ve been reading Dorothy Parker’s short stories for a few years, and the freshness of her dialogue, even 70-90 years later, always strikes me. I feel like I know her characters, like I’ve met them, like I’ve been them. My show, Might As Well Live: Stories By Dorothy Parker, is all about bringing those characters to life in a vibrant, modern setting.