My Sister

e&e hinkler · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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SKIPPER ZOPPETTI certified reviewer June 04, 2015
Wow. What can I say about the show which left me speechless? The Hinkler sisters' opening night performance of MY SISTER truly escalated my role from audience member to fly on the wall in their small Berlin apartment. These two have a story to tell- and all should come, not just to hear the words, but to experience a life so different of their own. To have your world popped of what you think it means to struggle and work hard- and to experience only less than a foot away from you at times sisters truly struggling for survival, for life, for their dreams. My gut hurt from watching their pain and pure joy, their awe of their silences, their simplicity in being able to share and be affected by such a time as the Nazi Regime. All I can say... full review
PARIS VIVERETO uncertified reviewer June 04, 2015
This moved me to tears. The struggle between the two sisters felt so real and I was torn apart watching such a deep connection and love for Magda and Matilde through the world which changed their circumstances so severely. I was transported back to the world of 1930's Germany and now see such a personal and human viewpoint of these incredible women. This still needs to be talked about and brought up to our audiences. Emily and Elizabeth prove why theatre needs to be done- to influence the world and the minds and hearts of others, and therefore change the world. Their acting was flawlessly realistic, Emily's cabaret magically enticing, Elizabeth's physical disability breathtakingly honest. I can now see both sides of what tears these st... full review
LESLIE MURPHY certified reviewer June 05, 2015
What a well done show! The performances are truly superb, and the story is fantastic! Funny, poignant, heartfelt and heartbreaking. Definitely go see this show. You will not be sorry you did. ... full review
LINDA SHAYNE certified reviewer June 05, 2015
"MY SISTER" is a profoundly moving play about a pair of twins, portrayed and performed brilliantly by real life twins, Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler. Dramatically and comedically the two sisters create the changing world of pre-war Berlin. One sister a hospital worker by day and cabaret singer by night, performed honestly and exuberantly by Emily Hinkler, is naive in her understanding of the upcoming dangers of the Nazi party as they gain political momentum. The other sister, stricken with cerebral palsy, portrayed by Elizabeth Hinkler with depth and complexity, writes her sister's Cabaret pieces. Her dire circumstances and her addiction to the international news on a short wave radio allow her to understand the gravity of their dile... full review
ERSILIA POMPILIO certified reviewer June 05, 2015
Great storyline... And I love anything that has to do with the Nazi Germany era! The acting was well done..... and I love the concept of real twin sisters playing twin sisters. The sister who had Cerebral Palsy nailed it on the acting. I've taken care of many cerebral palsy patients and I technically thought she had cerebral palsy in real life! A truly interesting story and original on the twin factor! Hospital storyline was a great add in and true to form......... full review
BETTE PAYDE uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
No wonder this show was written FOR them! By an amazing playwright to say the least. I went to their show on the 5th. MY SISTER is beyond all expectations of what I've heard and thought. Twin sisters Emily and Elizabeth are the definition of dream team in this personal and poignant show. MY SISTER is poetic, jarring, sensitive... a complexity of feelings and thoughts that made our audience compelled to spark a discussion about such important issues in our world today that MUST be addressed. Both of these sisters individually are a joy to watch with such pure focus and life. There was exquisite work thrown down on the acting floor tonight. No one left the theatre without their heart racing and tears streaming, and a fire lit underneat... full review
EMELY ROSALES uncertified reviewer June 06, 2015
An amazing show carried on by two talented sisters. It was amazing to see these two twins carry on such a profound show, with great energy, and a captivating story. To see from the perspective of twin sisters, one disabled but very intelligent aspiring writer, and the other an aspiring actress that is hard working, working at a hospital by day, and performing at the Cabernet at night. How the beginning of the Holocaust affected these two, on their struggle to achieve their dream and overall, their bond as twin sisters was utterly fascinating, and thought provoking. A truly amazing show.... full review
MEGAN DOLAN certified reviewer June 07, 2015
tagged as: compelling story
I had no idea what to expect from this show and I was taken on a journey by these two sisters. It's a compelling story, acted with great care and tenderness. I want to know more about this time in history. Great work!... full review
REX MAYREIS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2015
We attended the June 5 performance, intrigued by the subject and not knowing what to expect. My Sister is a powerful portrayal of a very human story within Nazi Germany at a time when the full extent of atrocities was not well understood, but ominous events were creating a grim world. Within the 4 walls of the Berlin apartment, the passion of these two young women who wanted to tell their personal stories through song and clever talk on a cabaret stage alternates with the realities of a country turning increasingly evil. There is so much going on in this play, with the backdrop of events in Germany counterbalanced by Matilde's striving to be a creative person against overwhelming odds and Magda's heroic efforts to keep them both alive. E... full review
BRANDON GILLETTE uncertified reviewer June 12, 2015
What a phenomenal experience. The acting was top notch from both of the girls. While they played very different characters, you could see their relationship as soon as they took the stage and it was so amazing to watch it change as the play progressed. This play touched me in so many ways and left me in tears. It was a great reminder of the things that were lost and the things that we take for granted and are losing in this society driven by fear. Well done ladies!... full review