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My Sister

e&e hinkler · Ages 10+ · United States of America

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June 04, 2015
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My overall impression

This moved me to tears. The struggle between the two sisters felt so real and I was torn apart watching such a deep connection and love for Magda and Matilde through the world which changed their circumstances so severely. I was transported back to the world of 1930’s Germany and now see such a personal and human viewpoint of these incredible women. This still needs to be talked about and brought up to our audiences. Emily and Elizabeth prove why theatre needs to be done- to influence the world and the minds and hearts of others, and therefore change the world. Their acting was flawlessly realistic, Emily’s cabaret magically enticing, Elizabeth’s physical disability breathtakingly honest. I can now see both sides of what tears these strong women apart- and why they must keep fighting. I am blessed to not have been in that time period, but to have learned from it and see in the life of those who have gone through such a horror. Everyone should see this. You cannot even prepare to be blown out of the water this much. I laughed, cried, sobbed, felt pangs of both characters. Go.

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