Megan Dolan

Megan Dolan is a proud founding member of the acclaimed Elephant Theatre. She has had the privilege of acting in many Elephant productions. She originated the roles of Caitlin in One Fell Swoop and Woman in Karininaed. Other favorite roles include Gabby in Lanford Wilson’s Serenading Louie, Edith in Not Enough Rope, and Marie in Search and Destroy. She was recently chosen to perform an excerpt from her upcoming solo show, “Snack” at The LA Women’s Theatre Festival’s “Solo But Not Alone” event. She has performed numerous times at the Elephant Theatre’s storytelling night, “The Trunk Show”. Her previous solo show, “Blind Fish” played to sold out houses and was selected as a finalist in the Fifteen Minutes of Femme competition. For the past 17 years, Megan has worked with Playfair, the most popular campus attraction in history for new student orientation programs, visiting colleges around the country to facilitate community building and diversity training. She is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach where she formed long lasting collaborative friendships with fellow Elephant Theatre founding members, including the director of “Snack”, Chris Game. She studied acting with Carole D’Andrea and writing with Holiday Reinhorn. She lives in Long Beach with her husband, son, and daughter.