The Dogs of War, Or, That's What Friends Are For

shameless redhead productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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JESSIE PROKSA certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Between the costumes and lighting this was a visually stunning play, and the script was impressive in that almost every word rhymed. This piece was an interesting contrast to the play 8:03. 8:03 was pure physical comedy with no dialogue. Dogs of War represents the opposite extreme; it's all about the language. And I especially enjoyed the performances of the "joker" and the lead lady, Rebecca. ... full review
EDWARD SALAS certified reviewer July 18, 2015
tagged as: Steampunk · drugs · dark humor · poetic · rap · murder
This show was more than I had hoped for. The actors where amazingly developed in their characters and brought depth to the already rich dialogue. The costumes where really cohesive, bringing the story's characters together into a futuristic, steam-punk, three penny opera. The sound really worked for the story, perhaps reminding us of a dark, strange, future. The richness of the script reminds you that you are watching a play, in a good way, through the use of rhyme, meter, song and style. It seemed a little long for the festival, though it seems like it could run longer on its own. Looking forward to future work from this troupe.... full review
ELLERY SORKIN certified reviewer June 23, 2015
Wife loved it; I was glad they kept their promise that it would be done in 90 minutes. We agreed that the guy with the box had the best enunciation; he spoke his rhymes slowly and/or clearly enough to have them be well-understood. ... full review