Jessie Proksa

Jessie Proksa is an Idaho native who has been working as a visual/performance artist in Boise since 2004. In 2003 Jessie earned her MFA, with an emphasis in mixed media installation and performance art, from Cal Arts in Los Angeles. And after arriving in Boise taught Art Appreciation for BSU at the Mtn. Home Air Force Base for eight years. As a remarkably diverse artist Jessie’s passions and talents have led her to explore drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, interdisciplinary collaboration, song writing and most recently stand up comedy.

Jessie has also played the cello since 1986 and her collaborations as a musician/sound artist include composing, recording and performing music for art installations and theatre productions; Big Weather (a sound, light and shadow performance/installation), Modern Art 2010 and, Boise Contemporary Theatre’s Shipwrecked. She has also exhibited her artwork in various group exhibitions in Boise, North Carolina, and Los Angeles. In 2013 Jessie was granted a professional development grant by the Idaho Commission on the Arts to study improv, comedic songwriting, storytelling and stand up at Second City Chicago. And, in June of 2015 Jessie will be premiering her first major solo performance, I’m Not From Here, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.