The 7th Annual One-Man Show World Championships

comedy · rah theater co./the production company · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

Encore Producers’ Award! Added show on July 17 at 8 pm. Click on “tickets” to get a seat!

Extremely grateful for our 10 Fringe award nominations and three wins: Unleashed Performance (best performance) for Darin Toonder, Ezra Buzzington Spirit of The Fringe Best Male Performance for Jim Hanna and The Encore Producers’ Award.

“Hilarious from the grandiose melodramatic lights up…When I say, hilarious beyond all measure, this show needs an extension after Fringe.” — Gia On The Move

“The entire cast is spot-on, running with archetypes of solo performers and just nailing their bits…All I know is that I haven’t laughed that hard and long in a while, and I certainly haven’t cried from laughing at a Fringe show in ages. The other thing I know is that I want Hanna to write more and Rucker to direct more. Whatever these two have going on next I’ll be there.”—

“…exhilarating…spot-on…absolutely brilliant…required viewing”—Cinesnatch

“Hanna’s script is marvelously concise, keeps the laughs coming, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.”—

“… a scathing but deliciously comical send-up of the one-person show genre—embedded with a plethora of achingly familiar clichés, also inventing a slew of new ones.”—Bitter Lemons

Trent “The Soul Mirror” Isaacs is the 6-time reigning, defending world champion, returning to crush and humiliate the competition at this year’s One-Man Show World Championships, “The Tourney of the Journeys.” His epic piece, “Stumbling Toward Valhalla” is sure to obliterate all of the other regional champs: Ally, the over-earnest and far too graphic little firecracker telling the story of her path from girl to woman in “Who Moved My Yurt?” Shelby and her terrifically inappropriate re-imagining of the life of Sharon Tate, “I Am Not Mrs. Polanski’.” And the wildcard of the group, the second runner up at the West Regionals sent as a substitute, Gary. Can this rookie and complete unknown shock the solo show community and pull the upset? Tears will flow, impressions of elderly family members will fly and ponderous journeys of self-discovery will drag on in this affectionate and biting send-up.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran