Dramatis Personae

solo performance · vespertine productions · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show
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SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 13, 2014
tagged as: one man show · tour-de-force
Written and directed by Sean Dillon and Curtin Krick, DRAMATIS PERSONAE centers on an actor (Kristopher Lee Bicknell) who shares some wonderful gems that he has unearthed from the dim recesses of theatre history. The concept is looking at plays throughout history and the actors who became known for playing important roles in the shows, so much so that the role and actor have become so closely associated they have rarely (or in some cases, never) been performed by others until now. The show is presented by Vespertine Productions. Of course, the plays presented and actors discussed are all fiction, but that hardly matters given the tour-de-force performance of Kristopher Lee Bicknell as the actor who presents many marvelously drawn out ch... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY http://www.workingauthor.com/ certified reviewer June 24, 2014
“Dramatis Personae” A clever, intelligent, one man show written and directed by Sean Dillon and Curtin Krick that is almost where it should be. And while it is a pity it hasn’t got to where it wants to be, where it’s going is interesting enough to cut it some slack. Check it out.... full review