Dramatis Personae

solo performance · vespertine productions · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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“Dazzling inventive, stunningly unique, and brilliantly performed”

“Very smart, very funny”

“Brilliantly written and directed.”

“This is unlike any other one man show that I have seen.”

“Dramatis Personae is a gleefully clever tour-de-force by actor Kristopher Lee Bicknell”

“Loved it.”

“Cleverly constructed and perfectly executed by Kristopher Lee Bicknell”

“This show is GREAT!”

“Nonstop creativity, surprises and laugh out loud moments.”

“Hysterically funny”


“I would love to see it again just to find the things I missed the first time around.”

“It’s perfectly paced, and defied my expectations of what a one man show could deliver.”

“Hysterical! I had no idea what I was in for but I am so glad I saw this brilliant performance.”

“So what makes a role belong to an actor? Is it the role or the actor? Whatever answer you give, see Kristopher Lee Bicknell own every single role he inhabits in DRAMATIS PERSONAE.”
-Shari Barrett, BroadwayWorld

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“Dramatis Personæ” is a delightful and thought-provoking one-man show, a meeting of an actor’s diligent research and an ingenious tour-de-force of performance. The actor shares some wonderful gems that he has unearthed from the dim recesses of theatre history. These are roles that once enjoyed great popularity, but had been so closely associated with the distinguished performances of particular actors of their time that they have rarely (or in some cases, never) been performed by others until now. The actor brings both a genuine respect and a passionate portrayal to a series of selected pieces, both deeply dramatic and side-splittingly funny. The result is a revelation for audiences, a bravura performance of surprising wit, subtlety, passion, and heartbreaking vulnerability.

“Dramatis Personæ” begins its limited engagement on June 7th and continues through June 27th. The five performances will be held on Saturday, June 7th @ 5:30pm, Thursday, June 12th @ 8:30pm, Monday, June 16th @ 7:00pm, Monday, June 23rd @ 8:30pm, and Friday, June 27th @ 7:00pm. Performances will be held at Theatre Asylum at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Tickets are $15

Produced by Matthew G. Hill, Ralph Saldana, Alexis Robles, Sean Dillon, & Curtis Krick

Press Contact:
Alexis Robles
[email protected]

production team

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alexis robles *

stage manager
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matthew hill *

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sean dillon

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curtis krick *

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ralph saldana

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kerry hennessy

costume designer
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landon johnson *

sound designer
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delaney poe *

asst. costume designer

* Fringe Veteran

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