The Creeps

solo performance · schapf · Ages 16+ · New Zealand

one person show world premiere
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MARCUS WELLS certified reviewer June 24, 2014
The Creeps was a superb show that I wish I would've caught before its closing night. The Creeps follows 4 characters and leaves you at the edge of your seat the whole time. Catherine Waller is an absolute genius in combining a comedy with dark truths whilst breaking the fourth wall and interacting in conversation with the audience. I never knew one person could bring so many emotions to me in a 45-minute production. The lighting was creative and accented the mood entirely. The background noise brought the show to life and though it was just a plain black box theatre, the set was perfect. Waller has core strength beyond belief and used her dance background throughout the show in lyrical ways. It was honestly such an amazing experience, wat... full review
EVE DANZEISEN certified reviewer June 10, 2014
Catherine Waller has created a piece of art in the truest sense of the word. For 45 minutes you are glued to your seat watching her transform from one character to another in a dark world. One second there's humor and the next a glimmer into the depressing reality of this underworld she's created using only herself. She wonderfully inhabits the empty space, bringing it to life through her physicality with/in the space. Her performance is fearless and moving and even in it's extremities it is laced with heartfelt truth and comedy. This show is proof that there is still creativity and wonderful originality in theatre.... full review
ISAAC MELL certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Distortion reveals---darkness liberates---hysteria serves as the foot soldier of truth. “The Creeps” forces us to confront our broken counterparts. Talk, literally talk, to creatures that don’t exist, funneled through one woman metamorphosing into vastly different physical and psychological figures in the space of a blackout. Catherine Waller frees these creeps from the corner of your eyes and the edges of your limbic system. In this dark comedy, you laugh as your hair stands on end, trying to escape. Intentions turn ambiguous, reality shifts in a moment, and paradoxes dance---when the most hospitable is the most sinister, when the most pathetic is the most noble, when the most exploited is the most in need, when the most battered i... full review
BREA BEE certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Catherine Waller's characters in The Creeps stay with you long after the lights come up. She moves seamlessly from one fully developed character to another with brilliant physicality and brings you further and further into their terrifying world, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It is a fascinating glimpse into the shadows of humanity!... full review
MELANIE SMITH certified reviewer June 28, 2014
Catherines performance blew me away. I was in awe the entire time watching her transform from one character to another. The amount of hard work and dedication she channeled into this performance is incredible. She is completely in her element. It's such a beautiful thing to watch someone give every part of themselves into their art form. ... full review
MICHAEL SHAW FISHER certified reviewer June 17, 2014
Catherine Waller is a creature apart. In her new solo show THE CREEPS she manages to summon for highly distinct personalities that will seer themselves into your mind for days and days to come. I don't want to give anything away but the title is a perfect description of the vibe from beginning to end. Her body morphs almost supernaturally into distinct personalities so pathetic, disturbed and disturbingly relatable. At times it feels like a horror movie – by horror I mean the horrors of the soul and the mirror is constantly turned on the audience in its interactive format. She crawls around the floor doing things with light and sound that are so perfectly timed that she seems to surpass the physical world entirely. I wish I could meet her a... full review
JENNIE WEBB certified reviewer June 18, 2014
Originally posted in Bitter Lemons: "Fringe Femmes" | "The Creeps" created by Catherine Waller | Who can resist a Fringe show with free-flowing wine and bottomless popcorn? Just overlook the fact that the hunched over woman who's offering it appears as if she's... well: she's likely had a hard life, even at her young age. This is the first indication that The Creeps is maybe not what you expect. Or, given the title, maybe it is. What it is, is a fascinating and completely compelling study of four lost, pretty darn creepy souls brought to life by solo performer/writer Catherine Waller. (Who is not the woman shilling the booze and snacks... or is she?) But study isn't the right word, because Waller's highly physicalized chara... full review