And She Bakes, LIVE.

solo performance · and she bakes · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States

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MARCIA PRYOR certified reviewer June 08, 2014
This "Bakeress" is a hoot! She welcomes the audience from the start and interacts on such a level that I truly felt I was in her home kitchen all the time. She shares her story and advice all while cooking up treats. Yummy!... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER uncertified reviewer June 23, 2014
loved it! loved Daliya! A natural performer! wonderful metaphors, funny as hell. the word delightful really does apply to her and this show, but like someone else said, there was something deeper, and I loved that, too. And those peanut butter treats... god! I gotta make the recipe! Not sure if she's always saddled up with Jesus H, but it was a lovely evening all around! I want more funny/deep cooking shows with Daliya!... full review
DAWN ALDEN certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Daliya is a treat to watch. She's engaging and fun, and draws you easily into her story. Her dance breaks are giddy fun, and I found myself smiling nearly the whole way through the show. And you get baked goods at the end! Definitely worth seeing!... full review
RICHARD GRAVES certified reviewer June 09, 2014
tagged as: humor · Dark Comedy · neurotic · zany · cooking · dancing · Dating · Relationships
High energy, zany, neurotic, and funny, displaying a rather cynical view of life, dating, and relationships, with a little dancing thrown in - all in the setting of a cooking show. A comedy with an edge - or "bite," if you prefer! Plenty of laughs. Well acted and performed. The sweets served at the end were tasty, too! ... full review
ASHLEY STEWART uncertified reviewer June 10, 2014
tagged as: funniest · amazing · comedy · Yummy
THE BAKERESS is amazing! Be prepared for a fun, emotional journey as she bakes and gives out romantic advice. Powerful, moving, funny, and delicious! GO SEE IT!! ... full review
KYLA GARCIA uncertified reviewer June 11, 2014
tagged as: Yummy · funny · witty · moving · compelling · GO SEE IT · Must See · fringefemmes
This show is incredible! Daliya is so very gifted and brave. Her storytelling is compelling from the minute she enters the theatre (which is when house opens!) The bakeress is funny, endearing, witty, sharp, vulnerable, and all around loveable. Her love advice cuts straight to the point with a layer of sugary sweetness. I was so pulled in to her story....One minute I was laughing, the next I was crying.. then back to laughter, and by the end back to smiling but through tears. Her clever writing takes you on a journey that you do not even realize you signed up for. And I believe those are the most compelling stories of all, the stories that truly surprise you. Her story resonated so deeply with the entire audience, you could feel it. ... full review
ASHLEY STEED certified reviewer June 13, 2014
tagged as: baking · hilarious · fun · dance breaks · Relationships · Love
As an avid fan of baked goods, I definitely couldn’t resist a show where someone bakes. Daliya Karnfsky, or the Bakeress, has adapted her YouTube series into a delicious treat of a live show. Dressed in red and donning an apron, she greets each audience member as they walk in and compares a few to baked good. I was an Oreo, which I’m OK with. Using snippets of her show and questions from YouTube, the Bakeress answers questions about love, sex and relationships while using each ingredient of the gluten-free peanut butter vegan treats as a metaphor of the elements of a relationship. And there’s also dance breaks. We shared a lovely moment when she asked the audience if they like fake or natural peanut butter. I said I liked my peanut but... full review
BRENDAN WEINHOLD certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: sweet
The dancing is as delicious as the treat. This show is for anyone who likes a sugar rush. I mean that metaphorically as well as literally.... full review
MARY ELLEN MORENO certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: baking · comedy · laughs · dancing
Watching this show, I had one of those experiences where I was laughing along my merry way and didn't realize I was crying until I had to wipe a couple of tears away! Such a beautiful show. I can't wait to see what you are up to next!!... full review
BONNIE SLUDIKOFF uncertified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: funny · lighthearted · delicious
the Bakeress is a DELIGHTFUL lady- it's a treat to be invited in her kitchen as she cooks up heartwarming advice, shares hilariuus moments, and sends you off with a delicious gluten free/vegan treat. What more could you want? maybe a dance break- the might also happen. a great fun, lighthearted piece that still gently evokes your emotions. delicious.... full review