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ensemble theatre · the vagrancy · Ages 16+ · includes nudity · United States

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STEVE MADAR certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Because of the dark and graphic nature of this play, not everyone will walk out of the theatre singing praises, but praise is heartily deserved. The bravery of the actors is to be commeded and production is tight. The play is a slow burn into your psyche and will probably take a day to digest. But, this dark play, like Dostoyevsky or Bukowski, offers glimmers of hope through the wreckage of modern life. Take your medicine.... full review
JORDAN SCOVEL June 07, 2014
The show is say the least. It's a brutal slice of life that will keep you actively listening on the edge of your seat. Do be warned it's a graphic piece - it's where the reality of the show exists.... full review
GRETCHEN LODGE June 07, 2014
Gritty. Edgy. Raw. What is life if not a collection of seemingly random events which force us to make a choice or stand dumbfounded in their wake? The stories woven together in this piece cleverly paint the various stages of man's consciousness & show how these stages affect each choice & our ability to reconcile our fear of this beast that is life. ... full review
DAN AMERMAN June 07, 2014
this play is super intense but i found it honestly so fascinating and engaging…the acting is powerhouse and committed…i'll be pondering and enjoying the after effects of this one for a while as i can't stop thinking about it since last night!... full review
At the end of the play, the only image I could find to describe it was that of beautiful, vibranr flowers wrapped around a piece of dead meat ridden with maggots. The language of the play is beautiful. The actions of the characters intense, desolate, violent and difficult to watch. The actors were perfectly cast and gave an amazing committment to what the world required. See it. You will be challenged, but you will be rewarded as well.... full review
E SOKOL June 09, 2014
Very well done-It was a thrilling piece! Karina Wolfe had me in tears. ... full review
NINA HARADA June 10, 2014
All I can say is, brace yourself! This is not your average feel-good play. In fact, it's the opposite. But sometimes you need that reminder that guess what? There is some fucked up shit in this world so we better be grateful for what we have and conduct our lives the best way possible. The production is flawless & the acting is amazing. Definitely the best show I've seen yet!... full review
KUNAL DUDHEKER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
tagged as: gritty · dark · emotional
A journey into a dark and scary side of human nature.. Thoroughly enjoyable with excellent performances from a great cast. You will get lost in a terrible place and you will love it. ... full review
JEZLAN DECATOF certified reviewer June 10, 2014
A serious commitment for both cast and crew was evident in their intense portrayal of obsession, lust, and the dark side of man kind. I must say that I admire their true talent of the actors that left a major impression.... full review
JENNY CURTIS June 11, 2014
Incredibly dark and intense, The Vagrancy's production of The Conduct of Life does not shy away from the unsettling and disturbing nature of Maria Irene Forne's words. With brave performances that are sure to shake you to your core, this is one show that won't allow you to be a passive theater-goer.... full review

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