ensemble theatre · the vagrancy · Ages 16+ · United States

includes nudity
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STEVE MADAR certified reviewer June 07, 2014
Because of the dark and graphic nature of this play, not everyone will walk out of the theatre singing praises, but praise is heartily deserved. The bravery of the actors is to be commeded and production is tight. The play is a slow burn into your psyche and will probably take a day to digest. But, this dark play, like Dostoyevsky or Bukowski, offers glimmers of hope through the wreckage of modern life. Take your medicine.... full review
KUNAL DUDHEKER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
tagged as: gritty · dark · emotional
A journey into a dark and scary side of human nature.. Thoroughly enjoyable with excellent performances from a great cast. You will get lost in a terrible place and you will love it. ... full review
JEZLAN DECATOF certified reviewer June 10, 2014
A serious commitment for both cast and crew was evident in their intense portrayal of obsession, lust, and the dark side of man kind. I must say that I admire their true talent of the actors that left a major impression.... full review
HENRY HEREFORD certified reviewer June 26, 2014
tagged as: Must See
This is a fantastic play, it asks many questions about so many things. Fast paced and intense. The acting is incredible. Amazing use of the stage with a minimal set. Get a ticket for the last performance as you should really see this. Enjoy... full review
TRENT HOPKINS certified reviewer June 25, 2014
This play is intense to say the least. Stellar performances especially from Robert Homer Mollohan as Orlando. I highly recommend it. ... full review
CAMILLA RUBIS certified reviewer June 25, 2014
What I most enjoyed about this piece was Karina Wolfe's on stage presence and ability to tell story with her physicality and restrain. She is captivating.... full review
KATE HAGERTY certified reviewer June 15, 2014
This is a fascinating, unflinching examination of violence and its victims. Beautifully staged, well acted, and well paced toward an explosive conclusion, TCOL is an important show that will generate a lot of reflection and good conversation afterwards! Loved it. ... full review
SARAH TUFT certified reviewer June 18, 2014
The LA based theatre company, The Vagrancy, known for its socially relevant work, is the daring force behind this powerful rendering of The Conduct Of Life, the Obie-winning play by the celebrated Cuban-American playwright Maria Irene Fornes whose work often focuses on poverty and feminism. The Conduct Of Life explores the dark side of human interaction in an unspecified Latin American police state where sexuality meets violence, the personal meets the political and the wife meets the mistress. Actually, the long-suffering tortured wife meets her husband's raped and beaten prisoner. Everybody serves somebody in this chilling world, which bears too striking a resemblance to what lurks beneath our own, thanks to director Sabina Ptasznik’s lase... full review
MICHAEL KASS certified reviewer June 18, 2014
Oh for F&*('s sake. This production wormed its way under my skin, smacked my viscera around and left me gobsmacked. Completely committed, raw performances, stark, searing direction, dark humor. I don't know if I enjoyed it, but damn if it ain't a reminder of how powerful theater can be. ... full review
CARLY D. WECKSTEIN certified reviewer June 19, 2014
If you have the chance, you must catch this show! I'm still spinning from last night's incendiary performance. It's not a show for everyone and it also should include a TRIGGER WARNING for graphic violence/sexual violence. The Vagrancy once again delivers raw, abrasive, relevant theatre, this time with a terrifying, beautiful production of a rarely done, and very important play, 'The Conduct of Life' by Maria Irene Fornes. Sabina Ptasznik's bold choice of material and right-on direction make for an unforgettable night of theatre. Ptasznik obviously understands this play on a very deep, visceral level, as well as on an intellectual level, and I felt that this production assaults the audience on both levels - which seems like ... full review