THE FANTASTICKS - the original fringe musical (1959)

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GREGORY CRAFTS uncertified reviewer June 06, 2014
The Good People at Good People Theatre Company have set the bar for musicals at the Fringe this year. This well-produced, well-executed show was a great way to kick off my 2014 Fringe Experience. I have seen "The Fantasticks" before, off-Broadway, and Janet Miller's team bring a production that easily rivals New York in quality. One could say that this show was so good, it made me wonder what it's doing at the Fringe. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. Joey D'Auria and Corky Loupé steal the show as Henry and Mortimer, and Michael Wallot channels a very Paul Lynde vibe in his interpretation of Bellomy. However, my favorite had to be Christopher Karbo's scoundrel, El Gallo, who commands the stage naturally with an ease and g... full review
JAMES ROBINSON certified reviewer June 06, 2014
I always enjoy this show, the writing and the music never gets old. This lovely production featured a harp, which adds its own magic. Joey D'Auria and Corky Loupé are standouts as The Old Actor and The Man Who Dies -- the best I have seen in those roles including 3 NY casts over 30 years, including 2 at the Sullivan Street Playhouse where the show ran for 42 years. Special congrats to Audrey Curd for enduring a Preview Night act-long wardrobe malfunction that didn't dim her nuanced performance a bit. Most actresses would have fallen apart. I'll see it again before the Fringe ends, I'm that kind of sad addict.... full review
CAROL NACE uncertified reviewer June 07, 2014
Fantastic show! Everyone should go see this. Family friendly and exceptional voices and staging. This is more of a full show than a typical fringe show. There were costumes, keyboard and a harp. Producers should be congratulated for starting and ending on time. This makes it easier to go to multiple fringe shows.... full review
CAROL KLINE certified reviewer June 07, 2014
tagged as: Fantasticks!
I really enjoyed the FANTASTICKS opening night…such a beautiful piece! My favorite performances are Corey Hirsch (MD) , the harp player, and the wonderful "Old Actor", Joey D'Auria….who all are wondrous in their abilities. ... full review
GLENN GOTTLIEB certified reviewer June 23, 2014
Whatta fun show! "Do you remember . . ."? Yes, of course - and this is a wonderful revival of those fond memories - of simple stories and joyful performances. The production makes efficient use of the small stage and the actors pull it off in fine form. Enjoyed it tremendously!!... full review
MARCY BROOKS uncertified reviewer June 08, 2014
tagged as: fantasticks · fringe · hollywood · miller · karbo · d'auria · harp
Five reasons to go see The Fantasticks: 1. Gorgeous harp played beautifully. (When I heard there was going to be a live harp I really didn't see the big deal- trust me, it's a big deal. Such a treat for the price of admission) 2. Joey D'Auria as the Old Actor will leave you in stitches. Sometimes even before he enters the stage (with the help of assistant Corky Loupe whose part seems to have been crafted straight out of an episode of "I Love Lucy.") 3. Miller's choreography is nothing short of brilliant. She really "gets" this show; some hysterical little comedic "easter eggs" for musical buffs as well. 4. The fathers (Michael Wallot and Matt Stevens) sing together like seasoned vaudevillians- their comedic duets radiate charm, ... full review
LEIGH HILL certified reviewer June 08, 2014
Fabulous way to spend a few hours of one's life. You've got love, youth, dreams, schemes and did I mention a harp? Two instruments that managed to fill up your heart and head. Cast was wonderful. Sadness, a bit, but much, much more joy and laughter. (They even managed to throw in 'Benghazi', but not like in the Sunday talk/news shows.) I urge everyone to attend, not just because it enriches your soul and revives your imagination but also to show support for live theatre in LA. Go on, be a "Fringer"! (you know you want to!) ... full review
TOM ALLARD certified reviewer June 08, 2014
Janet Miller is a very gifted visionary. She crowds the future and interprets established standards like Fantastics. She surrounds herself with talent onstage and in her gifted production team. Great vision, great execution, lovely theatre. Her delicate touch let's lovers be gentle and clowns rollick. And rollick the clowns do! It's delightful theatre with encyclopedic application of theatricality! Funny, touching.....timeless. GO! -TomAllard ... full review
CINDY SHIELDS uncertified reviewer June 08, 2014
So HAPPY to see Good People back at the Fringe Festival! Their production of The Fantasticks is a breath of fresh air. Director Janet Miller is talented and smart - with a knack for bringing out the best in her actors as she brings out the best of herself. Rich vocal performances, charming choreography, gifted comedians, and poignant moments make The Fantasticks a real treat. No heavy messages, shock-value lyrics or staging - just theatre at it's purest and most entertaining. She has a solid prouction team (including Musical Director Corey Hirsch) working behind the scenes (especially noteworthy given the constraints of the theatre itself.) And if the show wasn't magical enough, the addition of a live harp was that typical Miller touch to co... full review
TOM MESMER uncertified reviewer June 25, 2014
Thanks so much to Good People for re-mounting the the original fringe musical! So great to see the game and talented ensemble find the magic in Schmidt/Jones' eternal tale of the lightness and darkness of life, with the traditional harp/piano instrumentation. A real treat!... full review