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ensemble theatre · sewer socialist productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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MEGAN FRANCES uncertified reviewer June 27, 2014
Well, I was questioning whether or not I was going to like the show after the first couple of scenes, but once all three characters are together, the show takes off! Brett Donaldson shines in his role as a post war vet, completely owning his PTSD idiosyncrasies. Donaldson and Jay Seals, as his childhood friend, work well off of each other. Devin Skrade rounds out the trio as Seals' more practical roommate and they all have some great scenes together. The show includes adult language and material so this is not one for the kids, but definitely an interesting show that should be seen. It is both funny and heartbreaking. You will laugh and maybe even cry. "Woof-Woof"... full review
JON MANFRELLOTTI certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Just saw Woof- Woof. I highly recommend seeing it. It's an interesting play and all three actors are doing incredible work. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Jon Manfrellotti... full review
PATRICK COHEN certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Everyone needs to see this show. Powerful and poignant subject matter beautifully acted. Touching and frightening in equal measure, Woof Woof still manages to deliver quite a few laughs (particularly through the playful and quirky performance of Jay Seals) Go see this show!!... full review
MICHAL SINNOTT uncertified reviewer June 28, 2014
Fantastic script. Strong cast. Brett Donaldson shines in a heartbreaking and all too real performance. A timely and important new work. ... full review
JOY CORNETT uncertified reviewer June 16, 2014
Wow! What a powerful performance by 3 incredible actors. Jay Seals is outstanding. Devin Skrade nails his character. Brett Donaldson is remarkable. It was a pleasure to watch such talent. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Paul Hoan Ziedler has written an impressive script that is truly brought to life by his brilliant direction and an amazing cast. I felt Jimmy's pain, understood Chuck's misguided attempt to help his friend, and even forgave Brandon's betrayal. This play moves you, and leaves you in a different place than when you first entered the theater. See the rest of the review at ... full review
EDWARD GOODMAN uncertified reviewer June 28, 2014
Riveting. The cast is terrific and the way the thing unfolds, the patience, the ferocity, the relentless, bent masculinity, I almost felt like I couldn't keep up. Just masterful. This is what the Fringe is about, I think. Feeling like the action onstage just might sweep out into the audience and suck us in. I wish this were a regular run so I could see it again. I could go and on. Jesus. What a show. ... full review
MATT RICHTER certified reviewer June 17, 2014
The popular tags from the other reviwers are apt. Well performed, written and directed, this piece has stuck with me a week later. ... full review
NATALIE ABEL-WAIS certified reviewer June 18, 2014
I melt for Jay Seals - it's news to no one. Happy to lie and say his show was hilarious, meaningful, captivating, fast paced (my attention def is cray ya'll) w/ incredible performances that maybe left me kinda unfuckingcomfortable at times and most def left me even more in love w/ him than I already was (!!!) So yeah, I'd lie, BFD! BUT... I don't have to bc WOOF-WOOF is that legit. That said, Paul Hoan Zeidler, ya know, THE WRITER, provided Jay w/ this awesome character and brill dialog... in case, ya know, you forgot that WRITERS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. So stop dickin around and get your tickets, you dummies. full review
TONY FOSTER certified reviewer June 21, 2014
Powerful play from an important new voice in the Los Angeles theatre scene. Paul Hoan Zeidler's latest work is nothing short of amazing. He manages to both shock you and break your heart at the same time. The cast of three knocks it out of the park. Sound design was first rate. If you like a story that challenges you, this is the play. We need more of this kind of storytelling!... full review