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You Make Me Physically ILL: Episode 2 "Love Never Dies"

comedy · seat of your pants productions · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

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HELEN ACOSTA June 16, 2013
Gross-out comedy isn't usually my favorite but this production's over-the-top, gross-out, slapstick, truly messed-up comedy was so silly and beyond the realm of reality that it worked for me. There were some laugh-out-loud moments that really stood out for me: Katie Aquino's awkward sexy dancing and the daughter's revenge at the end (won't say much here...Don't want to give it away). Like I said, this normally isn't my kind of show but, the cast's commitment to the reality mixed with the utterly ridiculous level of familial dysfunction just made the whole thing work. ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Wasn't quite sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The cast is quite good and present the material well. I really enjoyed the visualization of trying to mount a production of a classic musical . . . in a strip club. Brilliant.... full review
PHILLIS KEMP certified reviewer June 10, 2013
There's at least one weird family in every neighborhood. This show tells you all their secrets. Your jaw will drop. Then you'll laugh yourself silly, as you throw "money" at half naked girls.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 21, 2013
Wasn't sure what to expect from this but I liked the title so I gave it a chance. Glad I did! It delivers everything it says in the description and then some! It's a pretty twisted tale that features a dad who is VERY close to his daughters (and NOT in a good way) as he writes a play that they can all star in as long as they are willing to take off their clothes for their parts. In the end, they do the play and strip and the audience was given play money to throw at the girls and become a part of the play. The antagonist is the hapless boyfriend of one of the daughters who tries to stop the show from happening along with his friend. They come into conflict with his girlfriend's ex, described as "the perfect man" and the son-in-law, who seems... full review
D TANIGUCHI June 24, 2013
I enjoyed the performances of the cast however I felt that the story was pretty much a one note joke that was stretched for an hour. I wish there would have been more craziness involved and more slapstick type of humor.... full review
ENRIQUE ACOSTA certified reviewer June 17, 2013
At last. So many of the unanswered questions from part 1 finally addressed. Thank you sir. Thank you. You will see (in no particular order) incest, yelling, pregnant dancers, penises, lap dancing, perhaps some balls, but definitely some boobs. Stand outs in the cast include Katherine Aquino, for what might be the most awkward exotic dance in the history of theatre, and Karl Wade as the hapless imbecilic not so lovable looser still trying to win the affection of his girlfriend away from her father. Oddly enough this show does have a lot in common Commedia dell'Arte and our poor fool lead is similar to Pierrot or Pedrolino. The moon faced long suffering dreamer. So for a modern take on the bawdy classics of yesteryear check out You mak... full review
JEFF LAUB June 25, 2013
The conceit of staging a Broadway musical in a strip club (with the patrons unaware of why the women on stage are singing ballads instead of stripping) is funny and clever, and this central idea goes a long way towards carrying the show during the times when the jokes aren't landing. This is a broad, dumb, sophomoric, offensive show (as it fully intends to be). The actors are energetic and fully committed to the material, which yields a lot of enjoyment that the material wouldn't do on its own. The show succeeds much more at being entertaining than it does at being funny (the climactic dance number goes for sensuality more than comedy, which is a bit of an odd tonal shift).... full review
DAVID BICKFORD certified reviewer June 21, 2013
I'd heard amazing things about how funny Episode 1 was, so maybe I went in with my expectations too high. There were certainly funny moments, but not killer. Small-ish audience didn't help. With this talented ensemble, they mght have been able to get the ball rolling more with a bigger house. ... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN June 25, 2013
I want to be clear that this is not because I can't "handle" incest jokes, homophobic jokes, or anti-Semitic jokes. It's because none of them are funny. Here's an example of a Roger Mathey zinger: "Fuck you faggot." If you don't find that funny the first time, maybe the 50th. Let's not forget the Jewish character (wearing a clown wig and yarmulke) who keeps threatening to sue people- how delightfully Jewish. Roger Mathey's script is Godawful. Roger Mathey's direction is Godawful. Roger Mathey's cast is Godawful. This is in contention for not only the worst show I've seen at Fringe, but the worst show I've seen in my life. full review
NAOMI BENNETT certified reviewer June 29, 2013
Interesting staging of what should be a sitcom script onstage - complete with wacky Kentucky Fried Movie style comercials. I thought this piece had potential, but may do better being on T.V. than onstage. The laugh track cut in and out, creating a jolting experience of canned laughter without any response from the audience, till eventually there was no laugh track at all. In essence I liked the humor, but I think it got a little overplayed, all sex, incest, and gay jokes, all the time, with very little attention to character or consistant storyline. ... full review

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