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comedy · lanny panlock productions · Ages 14+ · family friendly · United States

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LINDA CARTER June 13, 2013
What a great idea for a play! I have seen the original mouse trap and this comedy just makes wonderful sense. I laughed and had lots of fun. I just wish there was a way to get this on the stage in new york and London. They would love it. A great way to spend an evening. ... full review
BOB NASH certified reviewer June 09, 2013
Anyone with even a moderate interest in mysteries is going to love this play. It is very cleverly written with, yes, a surprise ending. The players are wonderful in their roles. Scott Ratner is hilarious as the troubled Miles Merbinau. Laura Hathaway is perfect as the analyst (and fun to watch). John Scoggins is "brilliant!" as the play's side kick. You'll get that reference later. All in all, well worth the ticket.... full review
SHERRY SANTOS certified reviewer June 12, 2013
Kill A Better Mousetrap is an entertaining homage to the great Agatha Christie, even though at first you think that Miles Merbinau must not like her very much. Things are not as they seem at first, just like a great mystery novel. The writing is hilarious, and actors Scott Ratner, Laura Hathaway and John Scoggins are a delight to watch. Come to the show, laugh out loud, and be in awe of the clever turns of story and phrase. Kill A Better Mousetrap will have you giggling and happy. ... full review
PATRICIA MILLER certified reviewer June 13, 2013
Kill a Better Mousetrap is much more entertaining than the original "Mousetrap". Witty dialogue and a fast pace keeps the audience in stitches. The author moves the story in unexpected directions and the outcome was not predictable. Loved all the references to the great Agatha's other plays (which the lead character - played by Scott Ratner - admires very much). It's only "Mousetrap" that he takes umbrage with here - vacillating between despair and manic glee. The 2 supporting characters are excellent and I won't give their characters away by saying too much. Fun for young & old alike; our audience ranged from 10 to 70 and sometimes you did miss a line or two due to laughter from the audience.... full review
APRIL SHINTO certified reviewer June 15, 2013
I Loved, Kill A Better Mousetrap!!It is funny, witty, pure entertainment. The actors, Scott Ratner, Laura Hathaway, and John Scoggins, are all fantastic. I love a good mystery, and this was written well, full of twists and turns...kept me intrigued the whole way thru. This is great for all ages. making it family friendly. Most definitely a must see.... full review
DIANA HENSLEY certified reviewer June 14, 2013
To Kill a Better Mousetrap: I saw Scott Ratner's Play last weekend and I was pleasantly engaged from the moment the play started until the end. Although I am an Agatha Christie devotee, my friend who went with me isn't and yet he still was able to thoroughly enjoy the play as much as I did. The pace is fast and the end of the play a surprising delight. (I did see Agatha's play in London last summer and I have to confess I like Scott's ending better!) Scott keeps his audience intellectually stimulated and laughing at the same time. Scott is a really talented actor and equally talented writer. Diana Dessery Hensley... full review
TODD MCCLAIN certified reviewer June 22, 2013
The writing is brilliant!!! I enjoyed the show and highly recommend it, I don't usually see live theatre more than once but I am going back for a second romp!!... full review

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