The Viola Mountain Door Company

solo performance · greg abbott · United States

family friendly one person show world premiere

“one of HFF13’s hidden gems”.

“Beautifully written. Superbly performed. A cascading comradery of characters that could be from just about anywhere.”

“I felt like I had just had a warm bath followed by some hot chocolate.”

“touching, thought provoking and funny.”

“a tight show with lots of laughs and a few tears.”

World Premiere of The Viola Mountain Door Company

A one-man play written and performed by Greg Abbott with direction by Marie Broderick.

Who said makin’ doors was simple and the people who make ’em simple minded? Who ever said that never spent a day with the folks at the Viola Mountain Door Company. Tucked away in the hills, along a placid river, stands a common looking factory full of men and women who are decidedly uncommon.

Inspired by his Indiana roots, Greg Abbott writes from his experiences of the cities and the small towns of the Midwest. Memories of family reunions in the Appalachian Mountains serve as the basis for the fictitious characters of Viola.

Makin’ doors is hard work and everyone needs a break, especially when an idiot runs the place.

WHERE: Theatre Asylum Lab – 1078 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038

WHEN: Friday, 6/7 @ 5:30pm Friday, 6/14 @ 8:30pm Saturday, 6/22 @ 8:30pm Sunday, 6/23 @ 11:30am Saturday, 6/29 @ 1:00pm

Production Team

greg abbott *


marie broderick *


* Fringe Veteran