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The Viola Mountain Door Company

solo performance · greg abbott · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · United States

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MARK MACNICOL June 07, 2013
I was standing on the corner waiting for my friend, planning to attend a show next door. The Director took the time to talk to me about this show so I changed my mind at the last minute. One of the exciting things for me about Fringe shows is when we as audience members get the opportunity to speak to participants about their show. I would encourage any Fringe participants reading this to do the same, get outside your venues on to the pavement, sorry sidewalk, and start speaking to people. Greg Abbott’s Writing has a real soft and tender touch to it in this piece. Afterwards I felt like I had just had a warm bath followed by some hot chocolate. It washed over me in a very pleasant way. He inhabits a range of different characters with c... full review
ANDREW POTTER June 09, 2013
Beautifully written. Superbly performed. A cascading comradery of characters that could be from just about anywhere. ... full review
DONNA DU BAIN June 12, 2013
First off I just need to say that Greg Abbott is a truly genuine, warm and sweet human being. Immediately i was intrigued to see what this good heart had to bring to the stage. It is a "mountainess" task to do a one man show to bring the essence of a small factory town to life. He started out with Shakespeare and I was "in". See this play which I think will grow with each performance. It is a gift from the heart, ... full review
A charming portrait of small town life, built around the various people working at a door factory. Greg Abbot steps into his characters without costume changes or light cues or really anything, other than the simple gesture of picking up a specific prop. An orange. A broom. A toothpick. That's pretty much it, and this device fits nicely into the intimate tone of the show. His most fully realized character is a lady named Darlene, who comes to life so quickly and completely that it is easy to imagine her world beyond the boundaries of the script. Director Marie Broderick handles the material gently and with love. ... full review
PAT MUSICK certified reviewer June 11, 2013
Small towns often survive by having a factory where everyone works. Greg Abbott embodies all the characters who work together to craft beautiful wooden doors in a world that values everything just a little bit less than it use to. Each of these characters are very different, but Abbott's transitions are seamless. Funny and heartbreaking by turns, we see these people come and go quickly, but leave a lasting impression. It's a sweet trip to take to a simpler time.... full review
JOHN BATCHELOR certified reviewer June 11, 2013
I always enjoy a show that takes me somewhere that I haven't been. And I have never been in a door factory! Taking a glimpse into this world and getting to know the workers (and their take on the world) was enlightening. Greg takes you on a great tour. This is a tight show with lots of laughs and a few tears. ... full review
DIANE ROMEO certified reviewer June 08, 2013
AWESOME!!!!!Was a really good show. How one person can do 5 different characters so clearly different is so fun to watch. Greg did a great job on all with just as entertaining of a story. We really enjoyed it. go see VIOLA MOUNTAIN DOOR COMPANY.... full review
ANDREA WRIGHT certified reviewer June 15, 2013
I loved this show. Introspective and intimate, Greg Abbott channels five different characters inspired from his Midwest upbringing, all distinct in their passions and heartaches, and beautifully, clearly performed. In a time right now where the entertainment industry is in a rather mysterious place, it was a comfort and delight to slip into the time/space of a "Prairie Home Companion" - like atmosphere...only to see that these characters too share the same unknown-ness that many of us artists do. Abbott masterfully weaves many heroes' journeys under the guise of "simple" Midwest folk that face challenges everyone can recognize and relate to. Pay close attention to the Russian character, and his refusal to file a lawsuit despite ... full review
MIKE TARGUS June 23, 2013
Great show. Greg develops and presents his characters and stories in such a way that you actually believe that you are the other in his scenes. We have seen stories of factories and old ways of life go by the wayside before; sometimes to the detriment of the area, peoples, and culture of the particular event, but in this case, the universe he creates can be seen as a whole, and we enjoy glimmers of hope and perseverance even in the depressing and nostalgic. GO SEE THE SHOW, TAKE A BREAK FROM THE BIG CITY AND SEE HOW SMALL THE WORLD REALLY IS!... full review
ALANA CASH June 23, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this play and was entertained from start to finish - I laughed out loud many times. This is a play about six characters and Greg Abbott transitioned smoothly from character to character, taking on body language, mannerisms, accent, and vocabulary convincingly. It's really impressive when an actor can carry an entire performance, remembering the lines of six characters for a solid hour, but more impressive is that Greg Abbott wrote this really funny show and captured these characters so well. Totally recommended!... full review

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