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ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 08, 2013
I give props to both Alexa Giuffre and Sean Burgos, because they're very committed to their characters, but the 20 minute "EXPERIMENT" may not be for everyone. Melanie Wehrmacher's play has little to no exposition, and doesn't allow it's character to really change between the beginning and end of the play. As a result, it's characters, regardless of who's playing them, come across as a little bit unlikeable. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't understand what I was supposed to take away from this show, and I wasn't exactly sure who it was trying to reach, or what it was trying to say. Most of the trouble lies within the script that has an all too familiar story, resulting in a pretty unoriginal, predictable play. ... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK certified reviewer June 13, 2013
***This review first appeared in LA Weekly*** Running a taut 20 minutes, Melanie Wehrmacher’s play is exactly the right length for her slight yet compelling study of psychological torture. Two prisoners—one male, one female and each scarred and badly beaten—cower on the floor of a bare cell. Footsteps echo ominously, as does the intermittent tone of electrical torture followed by ghastly screams. Tensions run high as we observe this nervy pair unravel and turn on each other. Director Tamiko Washington nicely orchestrates the intensity while Alexa Giuffre and Sean Burgos each give convincing portrayals of pure anguish. It’s an intense work. by Pauline Adamek.... full review
CINDY NGUYEN certified reviewer June 25, 2013
The Experiment directed by Tamiko Washington was one of the most brilliant shows I have seen this whole year. The moments the actors created on stage with each electrified the whole space. I was on the edge of my seat and also creeping to the back of it from the shocking & horrifying elements of the material. The greatest commendations to the actors Sean Burgos and Alexa Guiffre, as well as the highest compliment to Tamiko Washington's directing & guidance!!... full review
AARON FRANCIS certified reviewer June 15, 2013
This is a show that you'd expect to see in a theater writing class in high school. The writing is unimaginative, the direction steers away from the drama and anything that may have been compelling in the tired script and the acting is over the top and unbelievable. The trifecta.... full review