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The Real Housekeepers of Studio City

musicals and operas · joe greene, heidi powers & tom moore · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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KIMBERLY FOX certified reviewer June 10, 2013
So much fun! I loved the premise from the moment I heard it and was praying the show would live up to this great idea...and it does! Great lyrics, and sly, brilliant musical treatment. Great cast with two special send-ups: Gabby Sanalitro as Rosie and Consuela and Lorie Moore as Nell and Florence. Evil funny. All this plus a set you can strike in 5 minutes or less! What's not to love? :) ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 09, 2013
With a show as complicated as The Real Housekeepers of Studio City, you don't expect it at a Fringe Festival. This show was top-notch. It was springy, fun, and hilarious. The performers were wonderful and the songs catchy and witty. So many references and little nods but none of them overpower the show. Indeed the show is practically built on them. It's pretty great!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 11, 2013
I know this show has gotten a lot of "loved it" but sadly I did not. It felt like consuming empty calories with not much reward. I sat back with a degree of shame to recall those fruitless hours of watching episodes of the Jeffersons, and Facts of Life. Is this musical brilliant? No. Is it clever? Kinda. Is it cute? Tries way too hard to be. Is it funny? Well, every line is a reference to a sitcom, and that's expected to sustain an hour of entertainment. It kinda got old. I found myself getting bored with the 2 dimensional characters. The "gay best friend" the "out of touch daughter, "the "horney teenage son" - I know they are also supposed to be sitcomy types in their own right but as written they held too few surprises and lay... full review
BOB MERRICK certified reviewer June 11, 2013
Perfect fun for a Sunday evening. If you are expecting deep and introspective like Les Mis, you didn't read the show description. But if you are looking for a fun hour of theater with characters you already know and love, you will enjoy this!... full review
EILEEN O'FARRELL June 11, 2013
Really clever, funny piece. Well written. Loved the characters & the songs. A painless, splendid way to blow an hour of your life! Absolutely no regrets!... full review
ROBERT FINK June 10, 2013
This goes beyond the very clever concept to be a tight, funny musical parody. The costuming and "star turns" from the TV maids were all consistently funny, some of them side-splitting. Special shout-out to Gabby Sinalitro, who stole the show (twice!) with her deadpan timing and vaudeville accents. The songs are genuinely well-composed, and the cast sang them better than we had any right to expect. Witty lyrics and book made for a fast-moving 50 minutes of fun, with hugs and learning (and a healthy dose of irony) for all. Very highly recommended.... full review
JOSH LATZER June 10, 2013
At the risk of overpraising, this show is AWESOME! Some of my all time TV favorites wrapped up into one incredibly funny musical. The cast had great energy and kept the audience engaged the whole time. If you're looking for something fun and original, look no further. An hour of pure retro entertainment... ... full review
LISA COLE June 11, 2013
This show is FUN! The hour flies by. There are some really great voices in this show, especially Lani Shipman. There are lots of clever references and the songs are the icing on the cake. The show I saw was a preview and it ran very smoothly. There was one minor sound glitch- the actors improv'd a line, got a laugh, and it was fixed. So glad we went. You will be too!! ... full review
LAURA JAMES June 11, 2013
I really enjoyed the show. Its a great evening of fun theatre. The songs are great and you get to see an homage to TV housekeepers of the past. It has everything you like about a musical in a fun package. ... full review
COREY LYNN HOWE June 11, 2013
This show is FUN!!! Clever concept, great integration of our favorite sitcom housekeepers, great music, topped of with the requisite valuable life lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed this. ... full review

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