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dance & physical theatre · theatre roscius · Ages 18+ · family friendly · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

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ALLA POBERESKY June 23, 2013
You will be doing yourself a disservice if dont see this piece! Brilliant and powerful!... full review
BENNY LUMPKINS June 26, 2013
A gripping piece of theater expressing thoughts and ideas on women's issues through movement. What makes this work is its ability to tell a story through strong performances and repitition. These girls are up there bearing their souls and it shows. My work is all about, abstract, movement, and ensemble pieces and when its done right, it feels good to continue on in that form, and this is done right. This show is a must see before the end of the festival.... full review
SARA DAVENPORT June 17, 2013
I got a chance to see this show during the preview. It was a highly emotional piece, with a very strong energy. I thought all the actors were thoroughly committed and present even when there a couple of technical difficulties. I definitely recommend checking out this show. ... full review
JERRY CHAPPELL June 11, 2013
I saw this show during its preview. I am not usually a fan of movement pieces, however I did enjoy this piece. The performers and director painted some beautiful pictures throughout the course of this work. There use of posture, sound, word, and props were interesting and fascinating to watch. While there were clearly technical issues the cast was still working through while trying to learn the stage, the ladies did well finding themselves and staying connected to each other and to the world they created. If you enjoy movement pieces or are even curious about them, this is an interesting and worthwhile piece to see. It's well worth a look. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2013
It was a great show! A fantastic display of emotion and story telling through movement. I'm sure anyone who watches it will enjoy it as much as I did.... full review
COREY CHAPPELL June 19, 2013
I knew nothing about this piece when I came to support my friend who directed it. I'm still not exactly certain if these 3 women are meant to portray 3 individual women or 1 in the same woman. What I do know is that the 3 ladies I watched on stage were captivating. Their movements were graceful, edgy and telling and their few words struck a chord with me. ... full review
SAPNA GANDHI June 22, 2013
Completely moved by this piece. It took me back to the activist performance art theater I used to do in San Francisco! Please check out the review in its entirety on full review
MI-RI HARRIS certified reviewer June 23, 2013
Beautiful and moving. Something traumatic and lovely; fragile, all encompassed in these bodies so present on the stage. A very emotional piece, something I'd very much recommend.... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 24, 2013
This show belongs in a category all its own. It was breathtakingly beautiful, from the poetry on which it was based, to the heartwrenching performance of each actor on stage. It reminded me a watching a ballet held in an art museum. While not "theatre" in the traditional sense, this is a remarkable piece that simply must be experienced by every lover of art. Huge kudos to the cast and the director - thanks for taking Fringe 2013 to a whole new level. ... full review

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