Woman Without a Net: A One Woman Improv Experience

Immersive & Games · melanie cruz · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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DENMARK WEST certified reviewer June 29, 2024
tagged as: solo show · characters · improv
This was an impressive demonstration of improvisational artistry. Melanie seeks the truth in every character. In her search, she helps us find relatable moments and feel a range of emotions. I not only enjoyed the show, I recommend you see it if you have not yet!... full review
BAYARD SAUNDERS certified reviewer July 09, 2024
Without a net, indeed... Melanie's fearless attitude carries the audience from emotional zenith to nadir and back again, taking chances in exceptional long-form improv, with impeccable acting and technique that pulls both laughter and tears from the audience. Delightful to watch a master actor at work, doing the tightrope walk of intimacy and raw emotion with total commitment... (in a costume and prop closet with lighting and sound effects), truly at play, as improv is meant to be... Her choices were brilliant and dangerous and unexpected... Brava! Encore! ... full review
DEBBIE FERRARI certified reviewer July 08, 2024
Another great show. Melanie was a consumate pro, entertainer, and performer. I just wish we could have seen more! Having watched the social media feed, being able to participate in the "extended version" was awesome! Great job Mel!!! ... full review
JOSHUA CEVALLOS-LAAKE certified reviewer July 01, 2024
From the first moment Melanie walked out from the back door to center stage, she captivated all of us with her unique way of keeping a large crowd feeling personal as if we were the only one in the room in which she was talking to. Her character changes and commitment was unparalleled. She made us feel sad, happy, confused, sympathetic, energetic, angry and even a slight Tylor Swift fan after the night! Solid performance that I would love to see again soon! ... full review
DJ WEST certified reviewer June 30, 2024
Great show. I’m glad I went. It was very interactive. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 30, 2024
Very interesting premise and I loved the audience participation!... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer June 22, 2024
I was impressed by how she quickly slipped into a new character - and all improvised on the spot. ... full review
TARA INDEN certified reviewer June 21, 2024
Melanie is a wonderful and courageous performer! Such honesty in her work! At times, I felt moved to tears and at other moments laughed and was taken to a new world of delight. Knowing how many incredible characters she can do (on her instagram) and within the limitations of yet a blip of time, with every costume, 2 wardrobe racks filled with fun pieces of colorful clothing, wigs and props at her momentary disposal. She can really make a character come alive. I was fully engaged in the moment. It was a beautiful authentically artistic journey of discovery! Also loved the collaboration with the music and sound person, helping along with the scenes. Very spontaneously. It was fun all around. I definitely recommend if you haven’t seen the show?... full review
RAHVAUNIA JOHNSON certified reviewer June 19, 2024
A show that keeps you engaged and wondering what will happen next. Melanie is great at improv and character work. You will be entertained and go on a fun and unknown journey… One you will thoroughly enjoy! ... full review
KEITH ZELNIKER certified reviewer June 19, 2024
Because of the improv nature of the show and the different skits, there’s truly something for everyone. Funny moments, relatable moments, as well as emotional moments. There’s going to be something there to resonate with every audience member. ... full review