Rahvaunia Johnson (she/her/and a lil bit of magic ✨)

Rahvaunia L. Johnson, known professionally as Rahvaunia, is a soul-driven artist whose journey has taken her from the humble beginnings of Flint, Michigan, to the sun-kissed shores of Southern California. With a name that resonates with uniqueness (pronounced “Rahvaunia Like Lasagna”), Rahvaunia’s creative spirit flows through her work as a writer, producer, and actor. This multi-talented powerhouse has proven that “art is a voice and we should always have more than one voice.” Rahvaunia has appeared in television series such as NCIS, Criminal Minds, Mistresses, and Mere Mortals premiering soon on Apple+/AppleTV. She turned a one-day co-star role into a two-season 12-episode recurring role on Shondaland’s “For the People”, serving as a testament to her ability to connect profoundly with her co-stars, producers, and writers. Currently, Rahvaunia is channeling her spiritual energy into the development of a transformative television series, while also conjuring up a bone-chilling horror film that will have Hollywood’s elite sleeping with the lights on… and their phones off. Exemplifying her versatility and dedication to her craft and a proven track record of a commitment to excellence, Rahvaunia’s star is on a meteoric rise. Further solidifying her status as an artist who fearlessly explores the intersection of creativity and spirituality. Rahvaunia continues to work to establish herself as a prominent figure in the competitive world of entertainment.


Rahvaunia has performed “tHis Is Very IMPORTANTin South Africa, Off-Broadway, and around the Los Angeles Area. She is EXCITED to be performing in the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Fest.