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Death, Cancer & Other Bumps In The Road...

solo performance · ...another bump in the road productions! · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States

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KAREN FISHER June 18, 2013
Laney's one-woman show was so compelling and emotional. At times it was amusing and yet profoundly serious and touching. I laughed and cried. She touched on the emotions that lie in each one of us, as she shared her personal fearless journey. I highly recommend this play for others to experience. It will touch your heart. Congratulation Laney on a heartfelt personal journey from your heart to mine. Karen Lee Fisher... full review
ROGER LYONS June 18, 2013
In her one-woman show, “Death, Cancer and Other Bumps in the Road”, Laney Fichera tells us the story of her life, her loved ones and their life and death battles. Too often, death has won out. Laney brings a unique element of emotion to the audience. Right away, she wins you over and you feel her pain/joy in her fresh and enjoyable performance. Laney has an engaging and energetic stage presence. One minute, she’s calmly meditatating to cope with what life has dealt her. The next minute she’s hopping up on the furniture or treating us to a graceful balletic turn. She is real, and that’s a big part of why her stage presence is so winning. You can relate to her as a real person, not just an actress reciting lines on a small stag... full review
ANONYMOUS June 18, 2013
Death, Cancer and Other Bumps in the Road was just what I needed. This one woman show excellently directed and performed by Laney Fichera brought me to places I was afraid to go alone. I laughed, I cried, I felt waves of emotion I hadn't experienced in a long time. Laney is able to express her life's journey in a way that is easy for one to relate to. Easily allowing ones self to ride her emotional roller coaster of life with the feeling they were sharing a car. Great writing. Would definitely see again. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 16, 2013
Its easy to get audience members to connect to your material If they've been in similar situations. That process of audience connection I believe is a sure winner. As a theater person though I really do expect for the performer to at least attempt a connection emotionally, to the material. Death, Cancer, and Other Bumps in the Road performed by Laney Fichera, while it contains heart and emotion, left me feeling like I was at a family event but I wasn't a member of the family. So sorry I crashed the party.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 23, 2013
Not very often that you get a show that you can relate to and that makes you think so much about your own life and how you've been living it. Laney puts on a great show that makes you laugh and cry. It's a deep, darker story that is told with pure joy. ... full review
GLENN ACKERMAN June 24, 2013
I loved this show and was deeply moved by it. Laney is an amazing performer and communicator. The subject matter, which can be quite heavy and confronting, was spoken with insight,humor and a sensitive expression that every one in the audience could relate to in the deepest part of their soul. I was able to relate in my own life to so many parts of Laney's journey and I was able to look at the whole process from another, higher perspective, which is what good art challenges you to do. I was so touched by this show the first time I saw it that I brought 3 close friends with me this time, and they all loved it too. Can't wait for Laney's next show.... full review
TINA BENETT certified reviewer June 19, 2013
"Death, Cancer & Other Bumps in The Road..." is a play that touched me like no play has in a long time. The performance was exceptional. It was amazing. Both funny and gut wrenching all at the same time. I laughed and I cried...anyone who has ever lost a loved one can not help but be swept away. I recommend that you see it. Tina Bennett... full review
BOB LEGGETT June 24, 2013
Laney takes us on a familar journey through her life. Along the way she enlightens us on her struggles and the resulting effects on her life. Laney is a gifted storyteller, pulling the audience in through a cosmic connection that makes one feel like they have walked with her on her journey. Despite the struggles, Laney's show gives hope - of a future free from these bumps in the road and the freedom to enjoy it. I highly recommend this show. ... full review

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