I Love Sorority Rush!

Musicals & Operas · written by spencer ryan locke and music by ted mcmanus · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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REBECCA TARABOCCHIA DE RITA certified reviewer June 09, 2024
Awesome show! ... full review
BECCA KHALIL uncertified reviewer June 30, 2024
Great music. Cute story. The lead actor was also incredible and everyone's voice was to die for. ... full review
SOCKS WHITMORE stage raw, ladcc certified reviewer June 24, 2024
tagged as: greek life · Nonbinary · trans
Whether you love sororities, sci-fi, or trans storytelling, this mini-musical is an unexpected treat! As a queer person who never touched Greek life in their collegiate career, this was an entertaining introduction to the culture of sorority rush and a delightfully silly framework for exploring identity and gender 'grief.'... full review
CADE HUSEBY certified reviewer June 22, 2024
The show is super fun and surprisingly reflective of the non-binary identity experience! The sorority and frat system is one of the most saturated microcosms of the gender binary and modern gender expectations so I thought it was really lovely to use that as a setting to explore how coming out as nonbinary effects personal relationships and self-consciousness! Everyone had really really good singing voices, and although the ensemble was a big part of the show, I felt they all stood out in their own ways representative of different archetypes and people you would meet in college. It’s a fun watch that allows you to get as introspective as you’re ready to. It was kind of giving house bunny meets spider verse! Cades tomatoes score: 85% fresh... full review
BRETT MOLLARD certified reviewer June 19, 2024
tagged as: sorority · musical · Dark Comedy
I love I love Sorority Rush! A hauntingly beautiful and hilarious piece that touches on a lot of intertwining themes all in one piece. The music is still stuck in my head!... full review
CAROL BECKER certified reviewer June 16, 2024
A musical romp served sorority style?!? YES PLEASE!! What a fun and cool concept of a show complete with the dramatics of rush, self-awareness, friendship dynamics and... for kickers, throw in an inter-dimensional doppleganger! This show was an ABSOLUTE HOOT in the BEST WAYS POSSIBLE and the messaging was strong!!! It's impossible to leave this show not feeling empowered and hopeful!... full review
GWEN OWENS uncertified reviewer June 16, 2024
The story's plot addressed timeless themes of subtle bullying, but it uniquely focused on the experiences of individuals dealing with gender issues.... full review
LISA CARROLL certified reviewer June 16, 2024
tagged as: must see!
We loved this show!! The acting was spot on and the songs were heartfelt even the one about imitation crab 🤪. All of the performers did a great job!!... full review
ERIKA MARKS certified reviewer June 16, 2024
tagged as: ensemble · Nonbinary · goofy · talented · funny
I LOVE Sorority Rush. Talk about an incredibly unique story that kept the audience on the edge of their seats and laughing the entire time. Hard to sleep after a show like this where the songs are still stuck in your head hours later. Hats off to the entire team.... full review
CHRISTINA MARIE LEONARD certified reviewer June 16, 2024
This was such a fabulous show. This show tackles important subject matter about self acceptance and navigating complicated relationships while also being filled with amazing performances, great songs, and a stellar cast.... full review