P 807 t 6776414


theatre · jim loucks · Ages 13+ · one person show · United States

Jim Loucks’ live-wire solo show takes you back to the Deep South with preachers shoutin’ from the mountaintops, mamas pickin’ switches, and Hellfire just a heartbeat away. Witty storytelling, quirky characters, down-home Gospel music. Director: Carol Rusoff. “Critic’s Pick”-Cincinnati Citybeat
P 849 t 2829737


theatre · the bufkin company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

Two one-act plays that take place in the world of dreams. In the first, a man is forced to meet the most evil person alive. In the second, a woman has a vision of meeting her adult daughter, thirty years in the future.
P 817 t 1929939


theatre · theatre asylum / combined artform · Ages 16+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

50min. drama @ a Boston fitness club by Robert Litz & dir. by Stefan Lysenko:Buzz(30)a real estate broker. Jake (65)real estate player. Buzz grew up in a tenement that burned down, killing his dad. Jake was the building owner. Buzz thinks it was arson and blames Jake.
P 743 t 9682095


theatre · thirty90ne · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

When a young poet ventures into the home of his eclectic neighbor, he’ll discover a world you never imagined could be right next-door. Inspired by true events, and presented as one continuous scene, this two-person drama will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing until the bitter end.
P 763 t 9455281


theatre · darkman/fringe management · Ages 14+ · family friendly · United Kingdom

Two men travelling by boat become irrevocably linked at the crossroads of fate and coincidence. They find themselves forced to defend their starkly contrasting world views from attack by the other as the play builds to an unexpected and shattering denouement. "Clever and compelling."(The Scotsman)
P 681 t 8196880


theatre · what's a girl to do productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

“What’s a nice girl like you NOT drinking in a place like this?” Tara Handron discards clichėd depictions of recovery in her portrayal of Hope and numerous other female alcoholics (some sober and some not so sober) stemming from her thesis research on the subject.
P 841 t 1065726


theatre · the working theatre · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

Burnt's roommate, Randy, an uptight Born Again, has just found his stash and is calling the cops. What's a just-trying-to-make-tuition drug dealer to do? When Randy's little sister Gwen arrives, Burnt is forced to either bury the truth or bury himself in this bittersweet rush of almost-romance.
P 834 t 5110345


theatre · the visceral company · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · United States

On Halloween night, four college students meet in a purportedly haunted theatre for some holiday fun. Are the ghost stories about the place just urban legends that lend themselves to pranks... or could they actually be true? The theatre itself becomes a character in this spooky environmental play.
P 827 t 3328971


theatre · twin pierrot · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

Don't miss the performance critics are calling "authentic... a fantastic body of work... full of emotional dynamics"! Madame Marie Curie fought cultural and misogynistic oppression to become a pioneer of radioactivity research and the first female Nobel Laureate. MarieCuriePlay.com
P 345 t 1462515


ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Theatre Unleashed presents 25 short original plays featuring a handful of the company’s top actors playing over 50 characters…in one hour. Fusing comedy, drama and everything in between, these amazing pieces create a complete theatrical journey in 60 minutes or less. It’s speed theatre at its best!
P 801 t 225146


theatre · padua playwrights productions, inc. · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

In his newest play, legendary poet-playwright Murray Mednick experiments with archetypes to explore human nature & the process of theater. Gary, a down-on-his-luck actor, finds himself at a nightmarish audition where we, the audience, discover the magical ability of theater to create new realities.
P 694 t 1947553


theatre · brown theory productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

Sex Talk is a humorous and dramatic play about three women, portrayed by black actresses, and their sexual-journey to self-discovery. Come laugh and experience a mix of emotions while you watch and relate to these three women as they take their journey to self-discovery.
P 774 t 6284736


ensemble theatre · will play for food theatre group · Ages 13+ · United States

This funny, fast-paced, heartbreaking play takes two of Chekov's iconic characters, locks them in a room, and doesn't let them out. In 42 variations on their infamous final scene, Nina and Treplev pit their unmatched wit and fierce passions against one another in this masterful work by Steven Dietz.
P 894 t 2447420


theatre · michael patrick spillers · Ages 10+ · United States

Marcus is getting married. He wants an old-fashioned wedding, at the inner-city Black church where he was raised. But there's one problem... Marcus is marrying another man. In a time of boycotts and culture wars, at the intersection between civil rights and gay rights, which road will you follow?
P 794 t 7774343


theatre · purple turtle productions · Ages 12+ · world premiere · United States

Rue Murphy has five maxed out credit cards and an ex-child star daughter who is now “knitting with one needle.” In this grey world of realityTV, chemical cocktails and financial anorexia, Jennifer Aniston glimmers, a beacon of beauty and hope, the emblem of that most glorious creature, The Celebrity

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