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Glennie & Maple Break Up

theatre · sewer socialist productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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Funny, sad, angry, affectionate and poignant, GLENNIE & MAPLE BREAK UP dramatizes the fight(s) two headstrong people must make (or, sometimes, have) just to stay together.

Glennie is recovering from an abusive relationship and battles episodes of deep depression.  Maple loves to be supportive of her, mostly in ways that just piss Glennie off. She gets angry to cover up how miserable she feels. He plays his strength until it becomes a liability. They break up. They get back together when Maple helps Glennie out of a jam with another guy. They break up again. They get back together, but when Maple can’t help being supportive of another girl, they break up one more time. Will they hold on long enough to find out what they really have in each other? Or will their next break up be the last?

Five morning afters in the story of Glennie and Maple. Can they have a relationship, even when they aren’t in one?

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* Fringe Veteran