Cemetery Golf

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one person show

6/22 & 6/23 now cancelled!!

In Artworks Theatre’s STUDIO A.

Jim Loucks’ live-wire solo performance takes you back to the Deep South with preachers shoutin’ from the mountaintops, mamas pickin’ switches and Hellfire just a heartbeat away. This nationally touring show is filled with witty and insightful storytelling, quirky characters and down-home Gospel music. Directed by Carol Rusoff.

“Cemetery Golf” received a “Critic’s Pick” from the CityBeat at the Cincy Fringe, and was performed at the United Solo Festival (NY), Solofest (Albuquerque), Boulder Fringe, Oahu Fringe and will be seen at the San Francisco Fringe this September. It has also had successful runs at the Drilling Company (New York) and the Electric Lodge (Venice, CA).



Cincinnati CityBeat
By Tom McElfresh

“…Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All you worshipers in the temple of the theater, shout “Hallelujah!” After engagements in New York and Chicago, storyteller-actor-writer Jim Loucks is lighting up one corner of the Fringe Festival with his solo show, Cemetery Golf — 75 minutes of fresh, amusing, often moving recollections of a South Georgia childhood… pictures of a dozen unique characters with interlocked lives and Loucks has the master storyteller’s art locked. He can etch a memorable character out of six words, a single gesture, an altered stance and a slight change in vocal quality. Loucks also leaps nimbly from character to character with grace and little apparent effort, often carrying on two-party and three-party conversations with himself. It’s a high art, somewhat different from conventional acting, often best exhibited when, as in this case, the actor is also the writer.”

The Conveyor: Cincinnati Cultural Incitement (Riots Not Included)
By briangriffin

“After reading the premise of this production I had something in mind. I expected to see a show that hit hard on the writer’s fundamentalist Christian upbringing… how he lost he faith… show all of the Fundamentalists were insane nut cases… much to my pleasure and surprise, Jim Loucks gives a character driven examination of his childhood. His preacher father and church family are not caricatures, they are human beings filled with flaws… a classic Fringe one-man show, about 75 minutes long that includes solid characterization by Loucks. The script is really well crafted. The characters are clear, without doubt known inside and out.”

Boulder Daily Camera
By Mark Collins

“Georgia-native Jim Loucks’ animated personal memoir performance is a gem… Loucks plays a handful of characters in authentic, detailed and often amusing fashion. But what makes “Cemetery Golf” special is that there’s love in the portraits…”

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