Schkapf Schkapf

SCHKAPF, formerly known as Artworks Theatre is located at the beginning of Hollywood Theatre Row on Santa Monica Boulevard between Seward and Hudson streets.

Our aim, like our name, is slightly different than other venues in that we program our stages. We are seeking performances, installations, and/or exhibitions of a curious, whimsical, satirical, and/or transformative nature.

Working within the structure of the Fringe Festival (shortish performance slots and quick turn-arounds), we encourage each performance coming into our space to create an atmosphere, a happening, an extravaganza.

The styles we foster have their roots in Popular (or People’s) Theatre: clown, punk, absurd, grotesque, cabaret, farce, vaudeville, melodrama, commedia dell’arte, noir, fantastic realism. These styles can come in any form: physical theatre, dance, performance art, musical band, street event, carnival, immersive theatre, a wedding or a wake.

That said, we are also open to rental inquiries that complement our programming.

*SCHKAPF MENAGERIE [MAINSTAGE] 64 permanent, up to 82 seats
*OBSCURA 45+ seats

*ARMOIRE 30+ seats
*BUREAU 30+ seats
*CUPBOARD (open studio space) 25+seats

ADDRESS: 6567 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038. tel. 323.871.1912. email: [email protected]

PARKING: Valet parking at theatre, street parking available (on side streets Seward, Lexington, Romaine, Fountain).