Sandi Hemmerlein

London Calling

sandi hemmerlein · June 18, 2017
Great energy, put together very well, engaging staging and a good, fun, funny time.... full review

Do Not Disturb

sandi hemmerlein · June 15, 2014
This is the second time I've seen Theatre of Note's production of "Rise," the first having been at a pre-Fringe performance starring Jenny Flack in the role of Elizabeth. I'm glad I came back to see it again with Chantelle Albers as Elizabeth, because a simple casting change transforms the play into a very different (though equally as good) show, illuminating the strength of Josh Fardon's writing. It's an intriguing - and confusing! - story that warrants repeated views. Despite some of the more s... full review

Total Novice

sandi hemmerlein · June 08, 2014
David Rodwin tells the story of one fateful night smoking crack with a porn star in this compelling solo show, which moves beyond the titillation of sex and drugs to show a transformation of character and address themes of loneliness, salvation, abuse, friendship and love. It's a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, with lots of laughs and even a few tears. Total Novice is surprisingly moving, and David's telling of the story leaves the audience enrapt because he is, in fact, not just tellin... full review

EXORCISTIC: the Rock Musical Parody Experiment

sandi hemmerlein · June 30, 2013
Well, it's high concept for sure, as a play-within-a-play. And yet, in a way, it's very simple. This is a genre I love so I was excited to see it in any form onstage. Some of it works for me, some of it doesn't. This show is full of amazing, strong singers who are a joy to listen to. Personally I think not all of the material they're given is equally as strong, and they're often distracted by the need to be funny rather than given the opportunity to delve into a character and a story. Then ag... full review

Lost Moon Radio presents Roger Wodehouse's Androgymnasium

sandi hemmerlein · June 23, 2013
Ryan Harrison (aka Roger Wodehouse) is a star. This is a fun, music-filled show, recommended if you like Hedwig, Rocky Horror, Bowie and satirical glam rock. Kudos on the fabulous costumes and use of props and simple, modular set pieces to fill a big room.... full review


sandi hemmerlein · June 23, 2013
OMG! This was great. It helps if you're familiar with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof but not absolutely necessary. The choreography is incredible, and with their movement, the ensemble really tells the story. Blaire Chandler was just perfect as Big Mama: luminous, smiling, subservient, tragic. Absolutely captivating. It's not a happy story, but there are many funny moments in clever direction and choreography - the latter of which I just wanted MORE. I didn't love everything about the show, but overall, I... full review

The Miss Julie Dream Project

sandi hemmerlein · June 23, 2013
When the show ended, it was as though I awoke from a dream myself. A seamless collaboration of the work of actually several playwrights, all based on the work of one, The Miss Julie Dream Project is masterfully assembled into an undulating, interwoven, yet cohesive work of dreamlike fantasy, paranoia, struggle, fate, and sex. The production makes great use of the small space and the actors' performances are very strong. A fun and sometimes funny trip, when reality and truth and people transform b... full review


sandi hemmerlein · June 22, 2013
I actually really liked it. I went to support Steve as a friend but would recommend this to anyone. it's funny and Steve is charming and very watchable. It's a workshop production so he's still figuring some things out, but it's a fun and touching journey to join him on. He's an adept storyteller for sure, and this one touches on much more than just the financial troubles of being an out of work (or even working) actor. ... full review

Philosophy in the Boudoir

sandi hemmerlein · June 14, 2013
OK so I am pretty sexually liberal and am familiar somewhat with the works of Marquis de Sade (even have performed in a production of Marat/Sade) so I kind of knew what I was getting into. The frontal nudity and masturbatory type stuff doesn't really bother me though this show didn't feel very serious to me, it came off as more comical. I had a hard time taking it seriously - for which I was grateful during the rapey and pedophilic scenes - but I'm not sure how much comedy was actually intended. ... full review

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