Carmen Angelica

My Bio-

Carmen Angelica is a comedian originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received a BFA at NYU Tisch School for Film and Television and moved to LA to pursue writing for all the variations of screens that exist. Carmen is a writer/performer at Upright Citizens Brigade writing for their digital teams and on the Maude team Tut and performing regularly in their shows, as well as in her own shows. Carmen has been a student at UCB since 2007, studying in New York and LA. She can be seen in the indie improv, musical improv and sketch scene around LA with her teams Kanyay! West, Preview, and Second Pancake. As well as performing at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, iO West and numerous festivals around the country. As well as performing her one person show “Who Am I and What The Hell Am I Doing?” several times at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Carmen works freelance in production as a director and producer (directing independently and for webseries like SRSLY) and as an art director, special FX make-up artist and production coordinator for companies like and the Food Network. Carmen has performed in sketches for sketch groups like The Kids Table, Good Cop Great Cop and Good Intentions. Carmen has also written multiple independent sketches and web series that you can view on her website

Carmen’s favorite thing to do when she isn’t trying to be funny, is be very very serious about eating good food.