Peter Schuyler

My life is a writer’s life. I’ve done everything from dishwashing to professional opera singing. They’re remarkably similar. I have one feature, “Enter the Bassett” or “Awesome Lotus” depending on which side of the Atlantic you were on. The Hollywood Reporter at Cannes said that it, “…is destined to become a cult classic.” So far they’ve been wrong.
The result was that I became a script doctor for MGM. I worked on a couple of notable films and a lot of not notable scripts.
A short story of mine was adapted into a terrible short that played the festival circuit for a year. The director and I haven’t spoken since. I have no doubt he’ll go on to great things because I was hired to adapt a book by a famous director who liked the adaptation but basically wanted it to be a completely different story. He and I argued until he doesn’t speak to me anymore. Ah, the sins of youth…
Two of my stage plays have been produced in New York. “You’ll Just Love My Dad”, a one act, is currently running at the Loft Ensemble in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve ghosted a number of screenplays and an erotic novella. My non-fiction book, “Common Sense”, came out in 2003. Kindle just released my novel, “Portal”.
I spend my days writing, and preparing my Oscar acceptance speech.