Glennis McCarthy


glennis mccarthy · June 30, 2019 certified reviewer
April is such a gifted performer and has a heart as big as Ireland! I love the way her passion for life comes through in her show. I felt as though her kids must be the luckiest to have her as a mom, and I felt completely seen as a mom myself. We are flawed, imperfect, and trying our best while trying to understand who we are as these new people - “mom” - and April voices this flawlessly.... full review

mandy picks a husband

glennis mccarthy · June 30, 2019 certified reviewer
Amanda is a talented performer and simply fascinating to watch. Her character work is subtle and distinct, a difficult combination to master. I loved the lengths she admits to going to find inner peace, and how at ease and happy she is on stage. It’s truly a winning show, and I hope she takes it all the way to the top!... full review