Dave McClain

Dave McClain has been a naturist for most of his adult life and an actor since his mid-teens. He has appeared in plays in five states and at the AACT National Theater festival, as well as in Europe, as a part of Army Entertainment. Since he retired from the Army, this is Dave’s third play (including the lead role in the comedic melodrama “Egad, the Woman in White”), but his main focus has been screen acting. He has completed over 150 screen projects in the past seven years, mostly films, including as the male lead in the upcoming psychological horror feature “Aged” (soon to be streaming) – and in the 2020 film version of “Disrobed”.

Dave is a retired U.S. Army Broadcast Journalist and Public Affairs soldier/supervisor and former high school history teacher. He is originally from suburban Cleveland, Ohio, and now lives in suburban Houston, Texas, with his wonderful and amazingly supportive wife, attorney Eli McClain, and their two cats. Dave is the father of two grown children, whom he raised as a single parent. When Dave isn’t acting and/or indulging his inner naturist, he enjoys movies, TV, theater, music, sports, photography, videography, editing, collecting and travel. He is also a published writer and experienced voiceover artist.

Dave is very excited to reprise his role as George in the stage version of “Disrobed” – and to finally have an acting gig in Hollywood! He deeply appreciates his director, Troy Peterson, every member of the cast and everyone who made this production possible!