Awards For Hollywood Fringe 2023


Sponsored by 2Cents Theatre’s Loose Change

The 2Cents’ Immersive Worlds Award will honor a HFF23 show that demonstrates seamless world building, fully transporting audiences into the world of the show. Shows do not have to be immersive, they should however take us on a journey, engage and challenge us.

2Cents Theatre’s Loose Change created past HFF Best in Immersive winners Vote for MURDER!, Unreal City, and GATSBY: an immersive illumination Chapter One – East Egg. Founders Tiffany Asta and Kristen Boulé are currently both producers in the entertainment industry. We have a strong passion for discovering immersive worlds, and we are excited to visit yours!

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Sponsored by The Broadwater

The Broadwater is one of the main venues for the Fringe ’23. We will have 80+ shows performing this year. The Best of the Broadwater recognizes excellence and gives the award winners the chance to have extended performance at no cost to them (not including SM).

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Sponsored by Hollywood Fringe Access Advisory Board

The Ella Turenne Award, presented by the independent Hollywood Fringe Access Advisory Board, honors treasured Hollywood Fringe community member, Ella Turenne, and her belief that Fringe is for everyone. With this dedication, we hope to uplift and encourage Black and BIPOC creators to share their experiences through theater at the Fringe.

The Hollywood Fringe Access Committee is made up of past participants, staff and board members who take a look at current equity standards to help set goals for the Hollywood Fringe organization & community. This award was chosen by the participants of this committee, and outside voices from the Fringe artist base, not Hollywood Fringe staff and board members.

In 2020, Ella became a founding member of the Hollywood Fringe Access Advisory Board. Ella dedicated countless hours working alongside HFF while advocating for marginalized artists’ exposure. Ella’s impact on the Hollywood Fringe can be seen throughout the festival. Her legacy continues to touch our community as well as those she inspired.

Just like Ella herself, the Ella Turenne Award highlights artists who demonstrate leadership and inclusion at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. These contributions add to the experience and culture of Black and BIPOC individuals and communities.

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Sponsored by Combined Artform

The Hollywood Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe selected by venue producers, based on artistic merit, commercial potential and development interest. The extensions immediately follow HFF 2023 and run through July in participating Fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press, awards and extensions.

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Sponsored by SoHo Playhouse

Awardees receive a nomination to attend the 2024 International Fringe Encore Series to be presented at SoHo Playhouse, Off-Broadway in New York City

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Sponsored by Jaxx Theatricals

As Cultural Arts Envoys to the USA, Jaxx represents American Musical Theatre for the United States State Department and produces at universities and theatres with US Embassies around the world. This award will be given to a Hollywood Fringe production that represents and defines the idea of “culture.” This can be anything that lets us in on a specific culture – something we learn, or something we already know and love. This award will be open to all Culture-driven presentations. Jaxx is a 501©3 nonprofit organization founded in 2006.

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Sponsored by Make Believe Stage Productions, LLC

MB Stage Productions, LLC has a nasty habit of producing shows with large casts. With our history, we know that juggling rehearsal conflicts, production needs, and the drama that comes with producing live theatre is no easy task! This award goes to those who like to challenge themselves to have a full audience and an even fuller stage.

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Sponsored by Orgasmico Theatre Company

This year Orgasmico celebrates 10 year anniversary since the first O Face Award given in 2013. Both the company name and the award were inspired by the same quote:

Great spiritual teachers throughout the ages have stated that orgasm is the closest some people come to a spiritual experience because of the momentary loss of self. Why is this true? Because with spiritual sex, you move beyond orgasm into a connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine — recognizing them all as one.”
-Alexandra Katehakis – Clinical Director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles

Our Goal: We at Orgasmico Theatre Company LLC would like to single out one production, one performer, and one playwright (or composer) to each receive our O Face Award for forging that all-important connection between artist, audience and the divine, bringing all three together in an explosive* theatrical experience that transcends convention and can only be regarded as “Orgasmic.” (Please be aware that the production does NOT need to be sexual or explicit in nature to be considered for this award.):

“The Most Orgasmic Production" could be from any fringe category (comedy, drama, solo, musical, physical theatre etc…) Direction, design and ensemble achievement are all contributing factors of a great show, but ultimately we seek the production that is more than the sum of their parts; the show that doesn’t just take the audience to the edge, but hurls them over, and as they fall faster and faster into the story, their face takes on the shape of an O.

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Sponsored by Soaring Solo LLC

The Soaring Solo SOCIAL IMPACT Award will be given on behalf of the Soaring Solo Community which is a diverse collection of Solo Artists from all over the globe. As a committee we will be looking for a One Person Play that displays excellence in Solo Theatre while possessing a message that makes deeply needed, positive, and transformative social impact. We encourage submissions from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled artists, and different perspectives from ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. We also encourage anyone who has a solo story to share that aims to impact and improve the state of our world. This award came to into manifestation out of strong desire to champion Solo Artists whose Solo Art inspires, encourages, and enriches the theatre community and far beyond.

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Sponsored by Namba Performing Arts Space, Inc

Ideal applicants would be writer/actors with all rights to their show. The show would be an engaging, low tech, one person show that has a theatrical, musical or dance aspect that illuminates cultural traditions in a new and interesting way. NAMBA was founded by a Japanese spice/trader/farmer who lived by the beach in Ventura California. The “Splash” illuminates what lies beneath the surface in an impactful way. We brought this award because we wanted to uplift new works and bring them to new audiences.

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Sponsored by Fringe Management LLC

We have been producing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 2001 and the Hollywood Fringe since 2012. The number of Edinburgh productions we have discovered at the Hollywood Fringe, and the number of Hollywood Fringe shows that continue on to Edinburgh has dramatically increased.

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Sponsored by Catania Off Fringe Festival

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Catania Off Fringe Festival. In this exciting exchange we continue to celebrates the art that connects us globally. Catania Off is looking for a Hollywood Fringe show where language does not create a barrier.

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Sponsored by Loud Karma Productions, LLC

Loud Karma Productions was created because women and nonbinary playwrights deserve to have their voices heard. We are dedicated to producing works of emerging and marginalized artists who find themselves overlooked for reasons that have nothing to do with their talent. Our mission is to support emerging women artists and artists of any gender who are marginalized because of age, disability, gender, or ethnicity. We support the LGBTQ+ community, POC, and are an ally business.

It is no secret that female and nonbinary playwrights are underrepresented in theatres across the US and internationally. In a study released by the AAPAC, in a recent Broadway season, 86 percent of the produced playwrights were white males. Women and nonbinary voices are woefully underrepresented in spite of the amazing, groundbreaking, and vital work they are creating. It is the goal of Loud Karma Productions to celebrate and recognize emerging female and nonbinary playwrights of distinction and provide opportunities for these deserving women and nonbinary writers to have opportunities—both in experience and support—for their reach to continue to grow and their careers as playwrights expand—and take their work to the next level.

The Loud Karma Emerging Women and Nonbinary Playwright’s Award will provide the following opportunities to the winner and runner up for this award:

- A 500.00 cash prize to used be as the playwright wishes to promote their next play venture. (Runner up will receive a 250.00 cash prize.)

- A framed Certificate honoring their achievement.

- An opportunity for the playwright to see a new work they have written—either a short play or monologue—produced as part of an upcoming Emerging Women and Nonbinary Playwrights Event produced by Loud Karma Productions. The runner up will also be invited to submit a monologue or short play for production in the same event.

We especially encourage women and nonbinary playwrights who identify as any of the following to apply: older, queer, disabled or POC.

Interested applicants must apply here:

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Sponsored by The San Diego International Fringe Festival

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the San Diego International Fringe Festival. Through this partnership we are thrilled to offer opportunity after HFF23 and continue to celebrates the art that connects us globally.

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Sponsored by Sydney Fringe Festival

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Sydney Fringe Festival. Through this partnership we are able to offer opportunity after HFF23 and continue to celebrates the art that connects us globally.

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Sponsored by Theatre Theater Podcast

We are THEATRE THEATER an LA based podcast for theatre nerds that is in it’s 4th season. Each week we discuss and debate the evolutions of the great playwrights and our listenership has grown exponentially in the past 2 years. All three of our co-hosts have been participating in HFF for many, many years and we love the community with all of our hearts. We believe deeply that Fringe Fest is a welcoming home for theatre artists of all genres and experience levels, however we were noticing that playwrights were rarely getting the recognition they deserved and we decided to try to fix that. Therefore we watch all submitted pieces with a focus on the script and ask that we receive a copy of the text as well to read. Our goal is to spotlight the phenomenal and diverse voices of the playwrights of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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