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MB Stage Productions, LLC has a nasty habit of producing shows with large casts. With our history, we know that juggling rehearsal conflicts, production needs, and the drama that comes with producing live theatre is no easy task! This award goes to those who like to challenge themselves to have a full audience and an even fuller stage.


To qualify, the show must meet the following requirements:
1. At least six (6) or more performers and a diverse cast.
2. Must be an original, non-published work in any category.
3. Minimum show length of 45/50 min.
4. One scene where at least four (4) ACTIVE performers are on stage at the same time.
If you are unsure if your production fulfills these requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Only the first twenty-five (25) shows will be considered for the award.

Please fill out the following form at: in order to be considered for the award. If unable to fill out the form, please email us at [email protected]

To help us make our considerations, please let us know if your show meets qualifications that are not apparent in your show’s description or production team listed online. In addition, a brief history of the production company and a brief review of any obstacles that came up while producing a large-cast show and how those were overcome.

Submissions must be received by 11:59:59PM on Sunday, June 11th for consideration.


Must meet the basic requirements outlined in Requirements 1-4. If not, they will not be considered. The adjudicators are judging off of a rubric focusing on all things ensemble theatre: Stage Direction, General Use of Ensemble, Acting, etc.

One (1) adjudicator will be sent to each eligible show for an initial evaluation. Additional adjudicators will be sent if the show is a strong contender for the award. After the semi finalists have been reviewed, the entire adjudicating panel will meet and decide the winner. Tickets will be purchased by MB Stage Productions, LLC. There will be no need to provide the adjudicators tickets free of charge.


The physical award, recognition on our website and social media, coaching/mentorship, and the registration fee for the production company’s next Fringe production paid for by MB Stage Productions, LLC. No cash value.

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