Sponsored by Namba Performing Arts Space, Inc


Ideal applicants would be be writer/actors with all rights to their show. The show would be an engaging, low tech, one person show that has a theatrical, musical or dance aspect that illuminates cultural traditions in a new an interesting way. NAMBA was founded by a Japanese spice/trader/farmer who lived by the beach in Ventura California. The “Splash” illuminates what lies beneath the surface in an impactful way. We brought this award because we wanted to uplift new works and bring them to new audiences.


The show is written and performed/owned by the actor. This is a one-three person show. It has cultural or performing arts relevance. It is low tech.


There will be a small committee of three NAMBA jurists and one from outside of our organization. We will judge story for unique content in alignment with NAMBA’s Mission; judge actor(s) on story telling/how well they engage the audience; and culture through the lens of performing arts.


Physical trophy. We will also give the winner a full day to tech and run their show at our theatre. They will be guaranteed a small stipend and offered a contract with a ticket split. Our Theatre holds 70.

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