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We are THEATRE THEATER an LA based podcast for theatre nerds that is in it’s 4th season. Each week we discuss and debate the evolutions of the great playwrights and our listenership has grown exponentially in the past 2 years. All three of our co-hosts have been participating in HFF for many, many years and we love the community with all of our hearts. We believe deeply that Fringe Fest is a welcoming home for theatre artists of all genres and experience levels, however we were noticing that playwrights were rarely getting the recognition they deserved and we decided to try to fix that. Therefore we watch all submitted pieces with a focus on the script and ask that we receive a copy of the text as well to read. Our goal is to spotlight the phenomenal and diverse voices of the playwrights of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


NO MUSICALS, NO SOLO SHOWS, New works only, Must be UNPUBLISHED, Must be UNPRODUCED outside of Fringe Festivals. (We do our research)


The adjudication will be focused solely on the script and not necessarily on the performance or direction of the piece. We have a committee of 6 who will be seeing the shows and we try to get at least 3 judges to every submission.


The winner of The Theatre Theater Playwright Award will be awarded to the script and playwright who we believe exemplifies the progress of the theatrical arts; a new artist who we foresee as potentially joining the ranks of the “great playwrights.” Each nominee will be interviewed on our podcast in an hour long Artist Spotlight. The winner will be covered in a 3-Part Mini-series where we will discuss the winning play as well as 2 of their other works just like we would cover a famous writer on the pod. This gives them the opportunity to be heard by potentially thousands of listeners who will be introduced to their work. They’ll also be given a certificate as well as a Theatre Theater branded digital banner marquee for future marketing. Our hope is to spotlight up and coming playwrights and give them the opportunity to find funding and grow their career to the next level.

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