Sponsored by 2Cents Theatre’s Loose Change


The 2Cents’ Immersive Worlds Award will honor a HFF23 show that demonstrates seamless world building, fully transporting audiences into the world of the show. Shows do not have to be immersive, they should however take us on a journey, engage and challenge us.

2Cents Theatre’s Loose Change created past HFF Best in Immersive winners Vote for MURDER!, Unreal City, and GATSBY: an immersive illumination Chapter One – East Egg. Founders Tiffany Asta and Kristen Boulé are currently both producers in the entertainment industry. We have a strong passion for discovering immersive worlds, and we are excited to visit yours!


Shows from all categories are welcome to apply. Please make sure your show accurately and strongly fits the award description before applying!


A small team of viewers from 2Cents Theatre will see the shows selected for consideration. They will score the shows based on strength of world building and transportive audience experience. Loose Change founders will see the highest scoring shows, then following a discussion considering the contenders, a final vote will determine the winner.


The winning show will receive an engraved 2023 Loose Change Award, plus 3 consult sessions with industry producers Kristen and/or Tiffany who will share applicable resources and advise on next steps to take your show to the next level.

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