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The Hollywood Encore Producer Awards represent the best of the Hollywood Fringe selected by venue producers, based on artistic merit, commercial potential and development interest. The extensions immediately follow HFF 2023 and run through July in participating Fringe venues. Shows receive valuable extensions giving them the opportunity for additional audience, press, awards and extensions.


Your production must be a registered participant of the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival and have at least 3 performances, including press week. (ENCORE venues can override this rule, if they choose)

Your production must be available for at least one date during THE ENCORE! PRODUCERS AWARD schedule, which immediately follows the Fringe and runs through July.

Your production must prove artistic merit, as well as commercial viability.

You agree to provide complimentary tickets to Encore Producers during the HFF2023.

Participants are responsible for all production costs, tech support, and box office support.

Interested participants must register by completing the Submission form.
FILL OUT THIS FORM —>> https://forms.gle/xqsQXPgWey3cB2Wj6

Applying does not guarantee the show will be viewed for consideration.

Rules are subject to change.


Judges fill out a form highlighting shows. Venue managers, VIPS and press also utilize the information. For the specific award the venue manager makes the final decision.


At least 1 additional performance in July, no money up front. Deal varies depending on the venue

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