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The mission of Flat Tire Theatre Company is to develop new works, reimagine familiar stories, and present eclectic yet relatable theatre about the necessity to keep moving forward no matter what. Flat Tire is looking for First Year Fringe Participant shows that share in this mission for The “Spare Tire Award”. Flat Tire is also looking for shows that run on the collective power and energy of its ensemble to tell these stories of perseverance- whether it is through their art or the artists themselves. The “Spare Tire Award” is looking for 1st year Fringe participants who are, just as they once were, starting their Fringe journey in hopes to assist them in continuing to create their art- and provide the “spare tire” on this adventure of creating art in LA and in the Hollywood Fringe Festival for years to come.


1. 1st Year Fringe Participants,
2. Story (Production or Artists) about the necessity to keep moving forward no matter what,
3. Diverse and Inclusive Cast & Crew in regards to race, ethnicity, gender, physically and intellectually disabled, D/deaf, and LGBTQ+


1. An Award Committee of Diverse Flat Tire Company members and 1-2 outside member(s) who will have seen the shows submitted. At least 2 committee members must see each show that submits itself for this award.
2. A Rubric devised by the Award Committee for story theme in regards to award and diversity & inclusivity


1. Mentorship of continuing to develop their Fringe show or possible next production,
2. Marketing resources from our company (to promote their Fringe show or possible upcoming production),
3. Resources for Production Management/Directing/Tech Theatre (connect them with people in these areas for mentorship and development),
4. Spare Tire Award Trophy

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