Welcome to UA: Unmasked Anonymous

Two Person Show · meg & jess productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

Are you ADDICTED to hiding? Are you FEARFUL of being your true self? Is your ALTER EGO in the driver’s seat?

Stop Feeling Phony. Strip off the Layers.  Take off the Mask.

Unmasked Anonymous is a social support group for addicts who struggle with their alter egos. UA is a persona free zone where all stages of vulnerability are welcome. Sobriety is possible! Put your authentic face forward— One Layer At A Time. With fresh speakers every night, Come to a UA meeting today!


“I received my 30 Layer Chip today!”

“I relapsed and used again…Put on the boa and “Jessi” took hold. I made a complete mess of all the work I had done. But I came back to a meeting and was welcomed to open arms and familiar faces.”

“Didn’t think I needed to drop the persona, still don’t think I do. I can be both and the group is still there for me.”

“Dealing with everything I’ve been hiding under so many layers is nauseating and I hate it. Glad I came though.”

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran