Lost Formula to Happiness

Two Person Show · p.e.r.l.o.v.e. with holly mcneill · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere

So, if something shows up in your life, pay attention!

Aunt and Niece take you step-by-step through a path uncovered. With raw stories of self-discovery, a FREE recording of the teachings, and a beautiful live music crescendo, don’t miss out on this LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE!

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It’s exciting to see mental health theater taking center stage at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023. The festival offers a diverse collection of shows that examine mental wellness, personal growth, and the challenges that individuals face. One show that stands out is LOST FORMULA TO HAPPINESS, which tackles the concept of the Happiness Thief. This metaphor represents the negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings that can hinder our ability to experience truth, clarity, and wisdom. After two decades of personal exploration, Holly McNeill has developed a formula to help others overcome the Happiness Thief and achieve personal freedom, power, and joy.

Not only do Holly and her niece, Joslyn, share their stories of trans-generational pain, but they also guide attendees on a transformative journey toward unlocking the happiness that is already within them. This performance lecture offers practical strategies for personal growth and a deeper understanding of mental wellness with a beautiful crescendo of live music. This show is a must-see for those interested in exploring the enhanced human experience developed through awareness. It promises to be an engaging and insightful exploration of our true nature and offers attendees the tools to achieve greater fulfillment and well-being.

Mental health theater is an essential part of our society’s discourse, and the Lost Formula to Happiness is an excellent example of the innovative work presented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023.

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Production Team

holly mcneill *


joslyn sarshad *


* Fringe Veteran