Romeo & Juliet

Drama · crash acting studio · Ages 17+ · 2hrs · United States of America

Content Warning

The beloved story of Romeo and Juliet is refreshed in this original adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. While leaving the lofty language untouched, the script has been trimmed, the cast has been whittled and fair Verona is now located in the Coachella Valley.

This unique concept portrays the Montagues as musicians and the Capulets as influencers. Music, costumes and simulated drug use help set a modern tone, as does diverse casting – and this is the first known produced version of the play in which Juliet is a wheelchair user.

This production leans into the humor found in the first half of the play, handles the tender moments between the lovers with the utmost care and cuts no corners in the inevitable death scenes.

Production Team

keith gerstner 

stage manager

bailey pauze 

friar laurence

scarlett dyer 

co-producer / juliet

amy geist 

co-producer / nurse

gregory crafts 

lighting designer

kira hoag 


* Fringe Veteran