Seeds Sown, a Better World Grown

Drama · carolfrances likins · Ages 0+ · 30 mins to 1hr · United States of America

Pay What You Can one person show world premiere

Seeds Sown, a Better World Grown by Carolfrances Likins My solo play is a sharing of stories about those seeds that grew into me, and those that I obsess on sowing out into the world. After all, I love my life and it’s clear to me that no one should have bombs or hunger or any of such thing keep them from loving theirs. So, what was it that made this girl raised in a conservative family end up as a teacher in Watts and Compton and an activist and writer for justice and peace? It’s in the seeds.

Note, it’s a HALF-HOUR SHOW WITH A HALF-HOUR TALKBACK, the talkback of the first two shows being on-site and the last site being a block away. I want to hear from a very important person in the audience, namely YOU, about the seeds that have nurtured your life, and those you have sown into the world. Also, of course, I will take your comments and answer your questions. So please plan on staying for this.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran