If I'm Good

Two Person Show · tennessee whiskey & fresno chile productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

Content Warning

“If I’m Good” written by Ronnie Larsen, is a play that encapsulates the fever dream and the endemic existential crisis that we all went through at the height of the pandemic. The play looks at two people on either ends of the political divide and asks:” Why and How did we get here?”

Our two characters, perhaps in some parallel universe, could have been friends. But in the reality of today’s America, with the surprising fragility of its democracy, rife with tribalism and rabid Ideology, friendship is an impossibility. From injecting Clorox to cure Covid, to Jewish Space Lasers and the dangers of The Gazpacho. The nation has been trapped in an Absurdist comedy that would make Ionesco proud and Beckett high five.

Intense, provocative and compelling… the show contains profanity and adult themes.

Production Team

nedra gallegos *

producer/ actor

scott leggett *

producer / actor

* Fringe Veteran