Two Person Show · challah black girls productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere


The two worst girls you know are interns at the Capitol building on January 6th. Katerina — bossy, smart, but thinks she’s smarter than she is — and Sydney — genuinely stupid, conniving, and lazy — find themselves stuck only with each other when the insurrection breaks out without even one message from the other interns to warn them. This comes after months of them tormenting their fellow interns, who to them have “poor taste” and “won’t be helpful in getting them a Pulitzer one day.” When no one reaches out to them, Katerina and Sydney find themselves blaming each other about who was worse than the other to their colleagues. They spend the insurrection in their own fight that echoes the chaos happening outside. The strain on their relationship reveals that even their friendship, which they never really bothered to think about, but if they had would’ve said was “stronger than Shakira & J Lo’s super bowl performance,” may be fake. The girls are forced to confront uncomfortable truths about themselves, including why none of the other interns thought to tell them about the imminent death scenario and learn things about each other they never knew despite being best friends. They learn about the unique beauty of female friendship, and the unique torment of mean girls. Mostly, they learn that they’re the mean girls and that a friendship must be held together by something stronger than a love to shit-talk other people. They learn that their egos have to be set aside for them to become real friends through realizing that Trump’s ego is what caused the insurrection in the first place. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but no matter what it’s less than an hour so you should come check it out.

Production Team

zoey smith *

social media manager

alia atkins *


julia wisnia *


sarah morge *

production designer

* Fringe Veteran