Things to Avoid in a Eulogy

Drama · gray area productions · Ages 17+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere

Sandra, a well-to-do elderly woman living in her own brownstone in Manhattan, has pushed nearly everyone she has ever known completely out of her life. The others have died. Now Sandra is dying of inoperable stage four cancer. In an attempt to get some outside help whom she can control, and possibly have a bit of tolerable company in her final days, she places a want ad for an in-home caregiver. Jill, a young woman still finding her way in New York City and the world, needs both a job and a less expensive place to live. Enticed by the ‘rent included’ line in Sandra’s want ad, Jill responds. When she learns Sandra dying and looking for someone to be with her until the bitter end, Jill at first declines Sandra’s offer. But Sandra believes that Jill is the one she’s been looking for, and convinces her to accept the job. Over the next and final weeks of Sandra’s life, both women get more than they bargained for, as they struggle to understand, tolerate, and eventually, hopefully, help one another.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran